Show Your Legs Off This Autumn-Winter!

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Living under the opinion that short dresses and skirts are only for the spring-summer season? Change that right away! Whoever told you that you ought to be covered up from head to toe as temperatures drop was so last season. Now, it's all about getting those lovely legs out as you strut in autumn-winter wardrobes.

No, we don't expect you to freeze to death, we're just saying that legs are beautiful and shouldn't be hidden under pants and long gowns all through the cold months. Still confused about how to show legs and look autumn-winter appropriate? Keep reading!

1. Sweater Dresses:

Autumn-Winter Fashion

Oh my! Aren't these just the sexiest way to dress yet! Just imagine a cosy sweater keeping you warm while you show your gorgeous legs off. Seriously, girl, get this look immediately. It's amazing for autumn-winter and you can grab eyeballs anywhere you go. This is the best way to look cool and hot at the same time! Feel free to wear tights or panty hose but we suggest you bare those beautiful legs!

2. Thigh High Boots:

Autumn-Winter Fashion

They're the naughty cousins of the demure booties, they make any girl look like a vampy doll. This autumn, we urge you to try on those brilliant thigh high boots, they'll get you high, for sure! This way you can wear your shortest dress or mini skirt and still keep warm. The perfect look for the cooler months of the year. Try leather or suede for the best look this season. They can be paired with any fall favourite like woolen mini skirts or sweater dresses.

3. Tights:

Autumn-Winter Fashion

They're not just for wearing at home or while doing yoga, these babies can be rocked anywhere. They hug your legs and make you look curvy and sexy while keeping you warm. If you're still shy to bare legs we suggest you opt for tights as they'll enhance the shape of your legs and cover them at the same time. Sheer tights are trending right now and they're the best picks for dates and dinners. Go on, choose tights this season, you'll not be disappointed.

4. High Slits:

Autumn-Winter Fashion

Feeling flirty? Want your legs to play hide and seek? Get yourself a long gown or skirt with high slits. The slits will let your legs soak up the attention while the rest of the fabric will keep you nice and cosy. These are very sexy and appropriate for all ages. We hope you will give this a shot this season and you'll soon discover why we love thigh high slits so much!

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