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7 Ways To Look Slim In A Saree Without Losing Weight! It's Possible Now!

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Are you one of those who is always looking for chances to wear a saree? But you don't wear it that often since you fall on the fuller side of body types? Is that true?

If it is, then you have landed on the right article. Surprisingly, while many suggest that you should lose weight to pull off a saree, it's not entirely true. It's possible to not lose weight and still look slimmer in a saree.

How? Well, this is what we are going to tell you today. Did you know that by following these 7 simple tricks you can not only pull off a saree but can also look drop dead gorgeous. And this all comes with...or, shall we say without losing weight? Isn't this just awesome?

All you have to do is follow these simple tricks while picking up a saree for you. Pay extra attention if you're planning to buy one soon. 

Saree is one of the most desirable clothing item among Indian women and you shouldn't get deprived of good old saree's pleasure. It doesn't matter if you're full and if you don't want to lose weight, all that matter is that you follow these 7 tricks...


Wear Full Sleeves!

Don't go for sleeveless or half sleeve blouses if you've bulky biceps. Go for a full sleeve blouse, this will make your arms look slimmer.


Go For Newspaper Prints or Graphic Prints

The best part about having curves is that you can show off prints better than any other body type. Make sure yu stay away from large prints.


Sleek Borders

Wear a saree that has asleek border rather than abroad border. Broad border will add volumes to your figure so it's better if you stay away from them.


Go For Darker Shades

"Black makes you look slimmer" -- that is true for darker tones. Go for black but if you don't fancy black then go for darker tones when picking a saree.


Pallu Drape

Instead of sleek pleated pallu, go for a loose and open drape. The sleek pleated pallu will enhance your muffin top while an open pallu will hide it.


Sheer Fabrics

Don't go for fabrics that add lengths to your figure. Go for fabricslike chiffon, silk that cling to your body and enhance your curves.


Hide That Tummy

Opt for saree that is not see-through. Since these come with a possibility of showing off your tummy. Try to hide your belly with solid shades and fabrics rather than going for sheer.

Story first published: Monday, July 4, 2016, 16:04 [IST]
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