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Basic Types Of LBDs For A Woman's Wardrobe

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LBD or a Little Black Dress is a basic necessity for any girl's wardrobe and we are sure that you all have one simple piece of LBD. In short, you can tell an LBD to be a woman's best friend.

A girl's best party friend is her LBD but how many of you actually know about the types of LBDs that exist? There are many kinds of LBDs and the list would go on but there are basic types of LBDs that should be owned by any girl.

If you do not have any idea about the types of necessary LBDs, we here to help. Keep at least one piece of these types of Little Black Dresses and your wardrobe will be complete.


A-lined LBD

A-line LBD is the basic style of this kind and the A-line or straight-cut structure of the attire gives it the name. The structure is very common and we believe that each girl has this kind of LBD. It can have differently styled neckline or design but the structure is basic.


Bell Sleeves LBD

Bell sleeves are now in the trend which is a comeback from the vintage classic fashion and one can definitely not stay without an LBD with bell sleeves. This is a must-have style in LBD after an A-line LBD style.


Ruffled LBD

Ruffled sleeves or ruffled hemline, ruffles have again come back into fashion and people are loving it thoroughly. If you love the LBS style, you should definitely own a ruffle sleeved LBD to keep yourself updated in fashion. This is one of the mantras to be trendy and also a hottie.


One-Shoulder LBD

Well, well, well... One-shoulder is the sexiest style trending right now and if you are comfortable in carrying this style, you should definitely opt for a one-shouldered Little Black Dress to hit the next party you are attending. It can make you look hotter than ever.


Sequin LBD

Sequin being one more hit trend of recent times and if you like the glittery and glossy look for your party looks, then you should definitely own a sequin textured LBD. It is not just hot but it can make you the centre of attraction at a party, of course for better reasons.


Back-less LBD

Well, we must not tell you about this as you already own it. What, you still do not have one? Back-less LBD is almost synonymous to having an LBD. If you are an LBD over and you don't have a backless one, how can you have been without it till now? Go grab one!

Here are the basic styles in an LBD which you should own. If you have other designs as well, do let us know in the comments section.

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