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Boyfriend Confessions: He Wants You To Wear This


Have you been wondering what will titillate your boyfriend? We know love is beyond the physical appearance but let's just be real for a while and confess that appearance does make a difference. He might love you in your sweatpants but wearing his favourite dress won't harm you.

But which one is his favourite dress? Does he say the same thing for everything you wear? Guys can be a real pain in the ass when it comes suggestions on outfits. And if you have been wondering this for the longest time, don't worry, you are not the only one. Sister, we all have been.

So what exactly makes a man want you more? There are other things but let's just focus on clothes in this piece. What are the things that will make him go "Wow", secretly.

Boys are hideous and observant. They will never say something they admire out loud so you need to either be observant or read this article. Below are the clothing items that your guy wants you to wear but he will never say.

But before you go ahead we would like to outline the fact that every boy is different like every girl so there is no hard and fast rule. Some prefer this, some prefer that. It totally depends on the person you are with. But the below-mentioned points cover most of them. So keep your head straight up, use your head and read on:


His Shirt Without Pants

Probably because of Hollywood's influence or Julia Roberts in the movie Mystic Pizza, your guy loves to see you in his shirt but without the pants. This is something a lot of boys will agree to, in a blink of an eye. Courtesy: Jack, 35


Sweatshirts (Especially his)

Sweatshirts are cool and comfy. Probably that's why almost every guy owns one of these. But he likes them on you more than he likes them on himself. It's just a boyfriend thing. He probably won't say it but watch out when he suggests you to wear his sweatshirt and you'll know what we were saying. Courtesy: Every Boyfriend.



While an LBD will look good on you, but nothing can makes you as gorgeous as a simple saree. It's not slutty and just puts the right amount skin show around the waist which sweeps men off their feet. A simple saree is what he wants you to wear. Save it for special occasions. Courtesy: Malte, 22



Men are visual beings. There is no denial that most of them prefer nudity over clothes. Though some men are crazy about long shanks but it's a matter of choice. It doesn't matter if you are short or tall, he would love to see you in a short skirt. Courtesy: Tales Of Endearment



Older men prefer their women in heels while the younger ones like them in a sweatshirt. Odd, isn't it? Stilettos are what he wants you to wear for every party. Courtesy: Prashant, 34.

Boy! He should know the pain of wearing heels.

All Images Are Taken Via Pinterest.

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