One Video. 73 Fashion Questions. Victoria Beckham

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Victoria Beckham. If you don't know this name and you are reading a fashion article, then you really need to update your fashion knowledge and also, shame on you. Victoria Beckham is the founder of her namesake label Victoria Beckham, the wife of ace footballer David Beckham and a member of former pop band Spice Girls. 

With so many feathers her hat, Victoria has become a popular pop culture icon. She is one of the most popular faces in the world of fashion.

Last year Victoria answered the famous 73 fashion questions for Vogue and if you have missed the video. Don't worry, we have kept it saved for you. Right below, when you'll scroll down. So press the down arrow key, click on the play button and learn what's make Victoria Beckham, the Victoria Beckham.

Video Courtesy: Vogue. All Rights Of The Video Belong To Vogue**

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