Winter Is Coming: Bring Back That Leather Jacket

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One thing that never fades out in fashion is an LBD and the other is a leather jacket. And if you love winter as much I do, I'm sure you already have a range of leather jackets in your closet - dying to come out and hug your torso.

There is something about leather that is unique as well as eccentric, maybe it's the fabric or the fitting or the feeling you get when you wear one. Of course, summers have no place for leather fabrics, but guess what? It's October and now you can totally rock that leather jacket.

And you know who else rocks the leather jacket? Ranbir Kapoor. Yes, the Bollywood heartthrob adores his black leather jacket. Think, we are lying? Check out his signature style here: Ranbir Loves To Hitch In Leather Jackets.

Winter Is Coming: The Leather Fad

Moving on...leather is something which can be matched/paired/styled with anything. Be it a dress or a skirt or mere sweatpants. Yes, sweatpants! You read it right. Leather graces and embraces everything and so to celebrate our love for leather and coming of winter, we decided to make a panoply of everything that can be worn with a leather jacket:

Compliment your skirt by styling it with a black leather jacket. This could be a typical first date ensemble, when you don't want to look too chic, yet want to accent the tough look.

Winter Is Coming: The Leather Fad

And you thought maxi was a summer dress. Nope. In fact, you can wear maxis more in winters as compared to summers, if you style it well. Just wear the damn maxi, put on that leather jacket and you are good to go girl!

Winter Is Coming: The Leather Fad

Little Black Dress - this option never gets banal. A leather jacket and an LBD is a match made in heaven.

Winter Is Coming: The Leather Fad

Denims are not just for comfort, but also to warm those shanks from the freezing temperature outside. And what's better than pairing your cut-out/distressed denims with a leather jacket? Nothing.

Winter Is Coming: The Leather Fad

I hope you enjoyed the article as much as I liked writing it. Happy Winters Fellas! Give that leather jacket some love this season.

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