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Golden Globes 2021: Did Emma Corrin Find A Connect Between Pierrot Clown And Lady Diana With Her Gown?


Be it her meticulous fashion, theories around her tragic accident, or her relationship with Prince Charles, there's always this elusiveness about late Lady Diana, even though she is one of the most documented public figures. A number of documentaries and movies have been made on her. Actors including Naomi Watts, Amy Seccombe, Julie Cox, and Serena Scott Thomas have played Lady Diana on-screen. While we are yet to see Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana, meanwhile Emma Corrin in the season 4 of the Netflix series, The Crown, was breathtaking as Lady Diana. Not only did she look exactly like Lady Diana but with her demeanour and those coy smiles, we actually felt as if we were watching Princess Diana and not an actor playing the role. And for her acting chops in The Crown, Emma Corrin won the Best Actress in a Drama Series at the Golden Globes 2021.

While Emma Corrin's outfits in The Crown were also quite real as they were kept in tune with the fashion sensibilities of Princess Diana, her Golden Globes 2021 gown was also striking. Emma, who was a part of the Miu Miu icons, wore a Miu Miu gown that had a historical reference. Her gown was a departure from contemporary fashion sensibilities and instead about period history. Emma Corrin's gown mirrored Pierrot fashion sensibilities and more significantly, we believe (though we don't make any claims) Emma Corrin wore it to highlight her perception of Princess Diana. However, before we decode Emma Corrin's Golden Globes gown in particular, let's talk about Pierrot.

Pierrot is a stereotypical or stock character of pantomime, whose origins date back to the seventeenth century. So, he (Pierrot) is basically a sad heartbroken clown dressed traditionally in a black skullcap, loose white blouse with buttons and pantaloon. Sometimes, Pierrot's costume also included frilled collaret, which we saw in Emma Corrin's dress. A lot of actors have portrayed the character of Pierrot - the clown and while Pierrot is characteristically defined by naïveté, he was often callously described as a fool. However, after the plays of Jean-François Regnard and paintings of Jean-Antoine Watteau, Pierrot was seen more respectfully and from a more sympathetic viewpoint. He symbolised the struggles of people claiming their position in bourgeois world and wants love. Pierrot came to represent the paradoxes of a person alienated from society by his thoughts - he juggled between deep melancholic and sprightly attitude.

There have been many interpretations of Pierrot's character but this stock character has also been an inspiration for celebrities. For instance, apart from Emma Corrin, the late legendary singer David Bowie also dressed up as Pierrot for his 'Ashes to Ashes' video.

If you have watched the season 4 of The Crown, the series showcased Lady Diana's struggle with not only bulimia but also how free-spirited personality clashed with the stiff upper lip attitude of the royals. Emma Corrin beautifully portrayed how Princess Diana felt lonely, alienated, and heartbroken too because her husband loved somebody else and failed to empathise with his wife. In one of the scenes, Emma Corrin is seen talking with Olivia Colman (who plays Queen Elizabeth) about her relationship with Prince Charles post the Australian tour.

Frustrated, Princess Diana says, "Since I've joined this family (The Royal Family) it hasn't been easy. I've been given no help, no support, just thrown in the deep end, and I think that people out there can sense that I've suffered, that I'm undervalued, ignored." Well, with how the series showed Princess Diana, parallels can be drawn between her and what Pierrot represented. And this is where, Emma Corrin might have sported this interesting gown.

Emma's gown was sans the skull cap but her gown definitely featured a white ruffled collar, a feature in some of the Pierrot's gown. Her bodycon gown had Bishop sleeves and was accentuated by white-toned accents and a deep side slit. She paired her gown with black-hued sandals that went well with her gown. Her accessories included stunning Cartier earrings.

The makeup was light but the eye-catching part about her eye makeup was the teardrop. One of the famous paintings inspired by Pierrot clowns is of a person in a traditional Pierrot costume with a prominent teardrop. The teardrop accentuated her modern Pierrot look. Emma Corrin was styled by Harry Lambert and this was one of the most stunning and perceptive fashion moments in ages.

Photos Courtesy: Greg Williams

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