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5 Chic Rainy Day Looks That Will Prep You Up For The Monsoons

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Summer has almost come to an end and the refreshing monsoon showers are just around the corner. Along with that comes a refreshing change of outfits and preppy fashion that could zing up any rainy day.

Monsoon is the bringer of the much-needed refreshing showers and a new mood too, to each his own. It could be a mood of romance or even a mood for something blue. But, fashion is what challenges that and helps you emote your personality and mood better.

You could add a dash of colour or dress it down. There is always a fashion fix to all your monsoon woes. Accessorising with the cutest rain coats and umbrellas is yet another trend to look forward to around this season, every year.

Let's take a look at the trendiest ensembles for the coming season that all of you must try.


Rainy Day Formal Look

This look is for all the working fashionistas who wear formals, but love to add a touch of high fashion with certain edgy elements.

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Rainy Day Casual Look

For one of those rainy days when you would want to kick-back in style and hang out with a few friends, or just take a walk by yourself through the lush, scenic greenery.

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The Dressy Casual

The perfect ensemble when you are in a mood to dress up and need to strike the balance between dressed up but for a more casual event.

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The Rainy Day Date

For those date nights during monsoons where you are not sure what to wear, keep it simple with strong pieces and do not overdo the look by making it too busy.

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Rainy Day Layering

Layering has always been a very chic trend and can be quite tricky at times, the key is to opt for subtle shades that blend well and are easy on the eyes, with one piece that highlights the look.

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