The Ten Commandments Of Wearing A Saree

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It's the dream of every Indian girl to pull off the perfect saree look. Sarees are appropriate for weddings, family gatherings, work, dates or hang outs. The nine yard wonder wraps a woman so marvellously, giving a sensuous appearance while highlighting curves.

It doesn't matter how old you are or where you're going, most people are confused about mastering the art of draping sarees. It's not that complicated as long as you understand your body, accessories and fabrics.

If you want to know what are the dos and don'ts of wearing a saree, read on.

1. Match the fabric to your body shape:

Saree Looks

This is a very important aspect of choosing a saree. Skinny girls can carry off both stiff and flowy material, lucky much! If you're more on the chubbier side, opt for a lighter fabric like soft cotton so that your curves are visible but you need not be conscious of those extra pounds.

2. Perfect the pleats:

Saree Looks

The pleats of the saree must be aligned together before pinning them to the skirt. Once the pleats are pinned, they cannot be redone. So, always get them as perfect as you can before you fix them to the saree, adjusting them afterwards will only make them look like a mess, especially for silk or starched cotton sarees.

3. Choose the best pallu drape:

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The pallu is the part of the saree that goes over the shoulder. Select the way you wear your pallu depending on the saree. If it's traditional go for the classic pinned up pallu. Chiffon sarees look best with the pallu draped in a single layer. Bandhej looks best when draped in a Gujarati style. Well, you get the idea.

4. Bling factor:

Saree Looks

Take into consideration the place you're going to and the time of day. If it's a wedding, glam up, girl. However, if you're going to office, try to keep the saree demure and simple. Similarly, if you're going out at night you are free to wear embellished sarees but plain sarees look best for day looks.

5. Colour of the Inskirt:

Saree Looks

The colour of the inskirt must match the colour of the saree. This is very important to ensure you look your stunning best. Opaque sarees can be paired with slightly different coloured inskirts but net, chiffon and sheer sarees must have coordinating petticoats. The most common kind of fabric used for these is cotton but satin ones give a lovely glow from within the saree.

6. Size of the border:

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The size and texture among saree borders vary greatly and one must choose wisely. Shorter girls and/or those who are on the heavier side must avoid large, thick borders. However, slim and/or tall girls can experiment with them. Always keep in mind that thin borders make you look slimmer and taller.

7. Saree blouses:

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Get perfectly tailored saree blouses to make sure you look fantastic no matter where you are going. Ill fitting attire makes anyone look shabby, even the celebs. Even if it may cost you a bit more than your usual price, it's better to invest in a well made blouse; especially for special occasions.

8. Show them shoes off:

Saree Looks

If you're planning to wear a saree, plan the shoes as well. Strappy heels look best with sarees, embellished ones are appropriate for evenings or weddings. Never wear keds, floaters or flip flops as your feet will look mismatched and unkempt.

9. Time factor:

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Experimenting with saree draping styles is great however, do it at your leisure. It's best to practice saree styles on a day when you're absolutely free and can calmly drape. Avoid trying on new looks when you're in a hurry to go somewhere as it'll ruin the appearance of the saree and the overall outfit.

10. Over accessorising:

Saree Looks

Three words. - Tacky, tacky and tacky. No, and I mean no one wants to see every piece of jewellery you own. Never over do the jewels. Less is best!

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