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Do You Love Wristwatches? Gentlemen We've Got The Right Thing For You!


Men are crazy about "Wristwatches". Yes, it is very true a gentleman is never complete without a watch on his wrist. Wristwatches took their origin form Europe, where people used to wear bracelets with a watch hung on it. Later it got spread to the whole world and everyone started accepting the clock attached to the human body.

As time passed, and the modern world came into existence the wristwatches now have become stylish and compact. They have various designs and also vivid classifications. Its is also used for one's style statement.

Wristwatches are very common amidst men, as they think it is quite an essential part of the human body to build a style statement. Men usually tend to believe that wristwatches are masculine and supine to flaunt with their manhood. This isn't a stereotype or a generalisation, but just a thought and opinion.

Below we have some amazing classification of wristwatches which would definitely help all you men to attend your next meeting, date, run or party.

1. Automatic Watch

Well of course, we all know almost all of the watches work automatically these days; but this name has been precised to these watches because they are one of the oldest automatic watches to evolve. Though they are old with evolution they are still considered to be high fashioned. You can wear this for anything and anywhere, except for your walks and runs. Cos these watches are not water resistant. Good choice to wear for office as well.

2. Chronograph Watch

Chronograph Wristwatches are one of the most demanded on the market. They are a mix of both vintage and modern design. It is vintage because it is inspired by the European design, and modern because it works automatically with the help of battery. This type of Wristwatch could be worn at offices and meetings. It gives a dials of race and time both. Person can have both eye on the race and the time. It mostly suits with formals, semi formals. If you're wearing it with Casuals make sure those are full sleeves, and not half sleeves.

3. Fashion Watch

Men are usually very frizzy and hassled when it comes to dress sense, but not when it comes to Wristwatches. They always want the best of the best watch for them. So please do not do the mistake of wearing your normal automatic or chronograph watch at the party or a date with your partner. Wear something colourful, lively, cheerful and of course fashionable. Fashion wristwatches are pretty much on demand these days.

4. Luxurious Watch

Luxury watches are more than timepieces; a luxury watch is a work of art with fine movements doing superb things with gold, diamonds, springs and tiny gears. So to justify these astonishing and luxurious characters of this watch, you need to behave and dress up in the same way. Get ready for your anniversary date, or for your best friend's wedding ceremony, with some of these Luxury Wristwatches.

5. Sports Watch

Sports watches aren't just timing races; they're setting new trends, as well. The popularity of oversized watches derives largely from sports watches. Many sport watches incorporate functions like heart rate monitors and GPS tracking. So next time when you're going for your morning walks, jog or gym, do wear this kinda watch an go. It would help you in getting your heart rate and pulse recorded. And would help you work on your fatigue issues. But please do not do the mistake of wearing sports watches wherever you go, as men tend to commit this mistake very often.

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