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A Tale OF Exquisite Designs By Vaishali At AIFWSS ‘16

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Vaishali is popular for merging Western attire with Indian intricate designs. Not many know that Vaishali has an aspiring background to share. Having left her parents' home in Madhya Pradesh, she made her collection debut at Lakme Fashion Week in 2011.

Over the period, Vaishali has fabricated a range of collection and produced 12 successful collections at popular fashion shows like Wills Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week.
She has explored the Indian textile world and has delicately put together fabrics from states like Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Maharashtra and Bengal. Her admirable skills at merging the two sides of the world; Indian and Western, is remarkable. The fashion diva Sonam Kapoor has been donning her apparels. In fact, she has also clothed Vidya Balan and Tanisha Mukherjee.

She is one of the well-known aspiring designers in the fashion industry and today she has graced the fashion world with her scintillating collection. She has delicately put together simplicity and finesse. And with her AIFWSS '16 collection, she has justified her art by mixing Indian fabric in the Indo-western ensemble. So let's take a look at Vaishali's collection for Amazon India Fashion Week Summer/Spring 2016:

Black tunic matched with a white pattern - a classic example of Vaishali's Indo-western design.
This ensemble could be great for those who like to keep their style simple and yet stylish.

Vaishali Graces AIFWSS With Finesse

A beige dress highlighting golden strips is again a marvelous piece. I really liked how neatly the tunic is draped around waist line.

Vaishali Graces AIFWSS With Finesse

The best part of this tunic is the cut outs. The refined stitching has graced the outfit even more. Her choice of blue and grey for this ensemble is remarkable.

Vaishali Graces AIFWSS With Finesse

This is a rather impressive beach wear. The tube and the cape is something refreshing to see.

Vaishali Graces AIFWSS With Finesse

Here comes the androgynous ensemble. Please, dopay attention to the thong sandals.

Vaishali Graces AIFWSS With Finesse

And at last, the most desirable shop stopper...

Vaishali Graces AIFWSS With Finesse

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