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WinterFashion: 2 Must-Have Leather Jacket Outfits, Now Available!

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It's freezing outside and least you can do for your wardrobe is put on layers and layers of rags. While winter fashion is astounding but donning it could be pretty difficult because of the temperature. 

In this situation, we are left with comfy and less stylish sweatpants and sweatshirts. Winter could be filled with glamour, if we pay attention and take winter fashion as seriously as we take that of summer. While many go for cardigans, pullovers and jumpers and everything more inclined to not-so-stylish factor, we recommend getting back that 'bad' black leather. 

Leather jackets are atrocious (in a good way, of course), audacious and everything classy. Remember that rugged bad boy on a Harley donning a black leather jacket? Remember how classy he looked? So it has been established that you cannot go wrong with a leather jacket. No. It can't happen. Your wardrobe scores a 100 more points with one leather than it scores with 100 cardigans.

Since leather is so much in demand and we cannot stop bragging about it, we really need to provide a list of wardrobe elements that can be worn with this remarkable piece.  And we are going to do that. While many think a leather jacket can only be worn over a jeans, we totally shun that point of view. 

In our opinion, the auro of a leather jacket is so grandeur that it can be paired with every wardrobe category. And today we are going to teach how to go boho with the use of leather jackets. Drop that regular denim and leather combo and embrace these neat pairs. So here goes:

Leather Jacket + Maxi: Yes, pairing a leather jacket and a black maxi results to a beautiful outfit. Here, we recommend wearing birkenstocks to keep up the boho-bad look.

2 Must-Have Leather Jacket Outfits
2 Must-Have Leather Jacket Outfits

Leather Jacket + Grey Pants: You can go casual and easy-breezy with a leather jacket. In this outfit, a grey pant is neatly matched with a black leather jacket and white sneakers.

2 Must-Have Leather Jacket Outfits
2 Must-Have Leather Jacket Outfits
2 Must-Have Leather Jacket Outfits
Story first published: Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 20:33 [IST]
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