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7 Travel LookBooks For Your Coming Week Vacation

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Taken a week off? Heading to some beach or exotic location for your vacation? But are you having trouble finding perfect sets of outfits? Well, look no more. 

Your fashion itinerary is here! Check out this 7-day lookbook for your week vacation. Because looking good is important when you're vacationing. Isn't it? 

Day 1: For the first day, you'll need to keep it cool and comfy. Since the first days are always tiring. Hours long train or bus journey really gets fatiguing.

Considering all the factors, you will be visiting only nearby places. And to do the little strolling in style, you'll need a sunny dress, a pair of tan shoes, a tote bag for keeping things handy and a chic hat.

Travel Outfit Ideas

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Day 2: For the second at your holiday destination, you'll be pepped up to hit the city and check out the places. And for that, you'll need something comfy and readily available.

Go for skinnies, a black camisole lace top, a tote bag, matching bellies and a cute chain.

Travel Outfit Ideas

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Day 3: Day 3s are usually kept for binge shopping. A stylish jumpsuit would be perfect for a day like this. Accessorizing it well will totally give the look a lift. Add loafers, a tote, watch and sunnies to the look. 

Travel Outfit Ideas

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Day 4:  This is the day kept for some more strolling around the city. A perfect attire for a day like this would be a combination of a skirt, a matching top, loafers, sunnies and a tote. 

Travel Outfit Ideas

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Day 5: You mostly be partying on this day. Checking out the local clubs and having a good time. For this, you'll need to deck up a bit. A maxi dress with proper accessorizing will just do the right thing for you.

Add a tan clutch and heels to amp up the look.

Travel Outfit Ideas

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Day 6: Well, you definitely need to wear a pair of shorts before your vacation ends.

So add a graphic tee and a pair of printed shorts. Enhance the look with sneakers and a cross-body bag.

Travel Outfit Ideas

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Day 7: Make this day the memorable. Add some twists and beach vibe to it. Wear a summery kimono. Add a tan bag and bright flip flops. 

Travel Outfit Ideas

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Happy Vacations! And don't forget to tell us about your vacation when you come back. 

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