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Attention Fashion Fanatics! Fashionable Rajasthan Is Here To Treat Your Eyes

By Kaustubha Sharma

Rajasthan, the land of Rajas, is known for its rich folk culture. The culture of Rajasthan is highly drenched in its glorious royal history. We can even see snippets of its royal grandeur in Rajasthani villages. Rajasthan's deep-rooted culture and traditional background makes it one of the most scintillating states of India.

However, the climate is very conflicting to the nature of lifestyle and culture background of Rajasthanis. When we think of Rajasthan, we are most likely to think of it as an arid region, deprived of humidity and full of parched leaves, which is true, but the dull and dry climatic aspect entirely opposes the lifestyle of a typical Rajasthani.

A Rajasthani's lifestyle is full of vivid colours and fabrics. Red, blue, yellow, green, not even a single colour is left out of colour wheel in a traditional Rajasthani costume. People in this sun-baked land outright challenge their climate with their colourful and full of life clothes.

So today, I've decided to bring you the most vibrant and captivating attribute of Rajasthani culture: Clothes. Many of you might already be aware of the aspects related to Rajasthani clothes.

The graceful stone work and the brilliant use of colours, but in real Rajasthani fashion is much more than that. So here goes, a look inside the closet of Rajasthanis. A simply and stylish guide to get to know the traditional Rajasthani attires.


The Royal Dress (Rajputi Lehenga):

Since it's the land of Rajputs, commencing the list with the Rajputi dress is obligatory. The royal dress aka Rajputi Lehenga is the traditional dress of many Rajasthanis. It's been heirloomed from the time of Monarch rule in the state.


The Royal Dress (Rajputi Lehenga):

It comes in various colours, pink, green, yellow, etc. It consists of: kanchli, kurti, ghaghra and chunri. Kanchli is a genre of blouse, which is worn first and kurti is worn on top of it. The chunri is mostly bordered with silver or golden gota.

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The Principle Saree (Bandhej):

Bandhej saree is the most dominant clothing of a traditional Rajasthani woman. The capital, Jaipur, is famous for its Bandhej saree market and many bandhej lovers come across the country to buy the fabric here.


Stone Work Dresses:

Stone work is another vital art of Rajasthani craft besides Bandhej. Square, oval, hexagon shaped mirrors are stitched on cotton fabric to bring out a jazzy effect. Mostly, it is worn by Kalbelis, the tribe famous for its conventional dance culture.

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The Chief Village Attire:

While in cities women prefer Bandhej sarees, in villages women stick to their traditional attire: Kurti& Odhni Combo. Odhnis are mostly vibrant in hues. While some women prefer kurti, ghaghra and odhni in the same colour, the others prefer to clad in contrasted colours.



Turban is the chief head dress of a traditional Rajasthani man. It is mostly worn in small town and villages, but could be worn in cities during festivals and special occasions. The turban can be matching to rest of the attire or in contrast with the attire, but mostly locals prefer to wear turbans in shades of yellow and brown.


Dhoti, Kurta and Jacket Combo:

Apart from turban, dhoti is another vital element of Rajasthani traditional dress. Most dhotis are white, paired with white kurtas and a colourful stone embroidered jacket.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest, alaingay9



Mojris, popularly known as Jutis, are also a huge fashion fad in the state. While Jodhpuris are also famous for their comfort and style, Mojris always top the list of fashion fanatics.


Oxidised Jewellery:

Rajasthanis, especially Kalbeli tribe has a penchant for oxidised jewelery. In remote villages, women wear one oxidised ankle ring throughout their lives. In towns and cities, the jewellery is donned on occasions.


Mustache Fad:

Just like French, Rajasthanis have a penchant for mustaches. You can always spot a Rajasthani man twirling corners of his mustache. Sometimes, men also wear diamond earrings.

So that was only an excerpt from the closet of Rajasthanis, if you really want to know what exactly Rajasthani fashion looks like, you'll have to visit this splendid place; embellished with sand, camels and of course colours.

Do let us know which one of the above is your favourite Rajasthani fashion fad, and which one you'd definitely want to try.

Are you interested to know more about the Indian fashionable states?Stay tuned because we bring you fashion straight from the Indian corners.

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