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The Fashionable Indian State: Kashmiri Intricate Designs


Kashmir - the name is enough. The beautiful valleys, snow-kissed mountains, richness of landscapes and serene lakes; the reason why it is called Heaven On Earth. Kashmir is the northern most state of India, encompassing diversity of cultures. Migration of various tribes to Kashmir has made it culturally rich.

From Persians to Afghans, Kashmir is an abode to people from different ethnic groups.
Kashmiris are known for their cutting edge embroidery and intricate designs. They are very artistic, suggestive from glimpses of art in their lifestyle. The artistic backgrounds of Kashmiris derive its roots from various ethnic tribes present in the region: Persians, Afghanis, to name a few.

Kashmiri fashion is a mirror reflection of Kashmiri lifestyle. The intricate designs, handwork, and delicate embroidery are a part and parcel of a typical Kashmiri wardrobe. All clothing ensembles are similar in some or the other way, but there can be some added variation to distinguish the identities of people.
Kashmiri women are known for their beautiful eyes and skin and Kashmiri men are no less; the handsome stubble and long hair scintillates their already neat features.

A pheran is the most popular form of clothing in this region. It is a knee-length long baggy coat, strategically made to prevent body from severe temperature drop. It is commonly worn in shades of blue and brown by men, but women prefer the embroidered form of pheran. The fabric is mostly velvet. Chinar leaves are embroidered around the neck, hem and sleeves of a woman's pheran. Silver embroidery on velvet is considered as a status of high class among Kashmiris.

Taranga is bright colored headscarf paired with a pheran. Brides wear a taranga stitched to a cap while for regular days a taranga is tied around forehead. Taranga are made of fine wool, mainly to protect head from severe cold. It is also called Kasaba or Abaya. Kashmiri unmarried women wear a colourfull skull cap embroidered with a gold thread.


Kashmiri women love to don silver jewelery. They love to wear a perfect set of silver earrings and head jewelery.

Turbans are mostly worn by men paired with pashmina shawl symbolizing a royal lineage.
Karakul hats are made of qaraqul fur, named after former Pakistani PM, Jinnah. Mostly worn by elite class.

Gurgabis or mojris are commonly worn by Kasmiri girls. Gurgabis are heavily decorated with embroidery.

The picturesque mountains and salient valleys, Kashmiris are blessed with fashion as much as they are blessed with nature. Maintaining their warmth of style, and keeping up with old-traditon, Kashmir surely brings us one of the best traditional arts in the form of fashion.

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