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West Bengal: The Land Of Alta And Red Bindis


Fashion is a vital element of a cultural group. It symbolizes origins and gives a sense of belonging to the individuals of that group. We are lucky to be born as Indians because we are the culture veterans. The cultural diversities in India is a global talk.

Indians take pride in donning their tradition fashion associated with their culture roots, and why not? Every Indian state is a runaway in itself - though you need to have a finer taste in order to appreciate the fashion here. So today, we have decided to get you acquainted with one of the most culturally rich abodes of Indian Eastern states: West Bengal.

West Bengal is drenched in traditions and folklores, probably the reason why Bollywood is so inspired by Bengali culture. Bollywood has played a significant role in highlighting the cultural aspects of Bengalis. Be it Durga pujas or Rasgullas or the phrase Aami tumharo bhalo bhashi, but what they have missed out certainly is the Bengali fashion. So we've decided to take this under our account and talk about the Rasgulla land's fashion.

If you might have not observed earlier, Bengalis love the colour red. Attend a Bengali wedding and you'll know. Bengalis follow the same clothing rule as most of Indian states: Men wear dhotis; women wear sarees. In the yesteryears, men from elite society used to wear Uttorio, a category of scarf -- in addition to rest of the clothing; and women wore a veil called Orna.

Bengali women prefer to wear Banarasi sarees in shades of red with a distinct border. The style of wrapping sarees is unique in this part of the country; it is wrapped in such a way that one end of saree is left over the shoulder, which is mostly used for tying keys or a tinkling ornament called kinkini.

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A white saree with red border and red blouse is secured for special occasions. This saree ensemble is the signature fashion of all Bengali women. During Durga puja one can spot myriads Bengali women clad in white-red saree combo.

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As we have mentioned earlier, Bengalis adore red and everything in shades of red. A typical Bengali bride wears a red silk saree with golden embroidery. She also wears a crown and red paint on the tips of her fingernails known as alta.

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The bride's forehead is painted with white colored designs and a bindi is placed right in the middle of the forehead.

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Bengali groom wears a crown that is called a topor. The groom sticks to minimal colours of white and beige. He clads a silk dhoti which is a piece of cloth wrapped below the waist and a kurta.

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Bengali women are famous for their kohl eyes. A highlighted winged eyeliner and dark kohl eyes are
always their favorite, plus an accentuated red bindi.

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Traditionally, Bengali men preferred wearing kharam, a wooden slipper; now worn mostly by a few old school Bengalis.

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A typical working Bengali women is very simple in her lifestyle. They do not like gaudy colors like North Indians and hence after marriage they stick to light shades of sarees accessorised with heavy sindoor.

So that was all about Bengali fashion from traditional brides to the modern day Bengali women, isn't it a treat to eyes?
If you like to get any other state covered on our website, or are an ardent fan of fashion of one of the Indian states, please do let us know by commenting below.

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