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Unleash The Rebel In You! The All New Boyfriend Jeans


Denims! They have stayed in fashion for as long as I can remember. Gen X, Gen Y and now, the Gen Z, all have lived the age of denims. It is that vital element of our closet we can never bid adieu. No matter how gracefully we don denims, we always have our denim favourites.

Denim shirts, denim dungarees, denim jeans( readily available), denim jackets and the all new denim boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend denims have been around the corner, but never taken seriously.

Recently, the boyfriend jeans has started to pick up the fashion heat, and a lot of fashion mavens are seen donning the boyfriend jeans with a wide smile. The best part of boyfriend jeans is that it not just gives you a rugged look, but it also delights your entire personality.

Boyfriend jeans is still picking up the vibe, and not many people are comfortable in readily giving up their skinnies to boyfriend jeans. But, one thing is for sure, you put on a boyfriend jeans, sneakers and tank and there goes the new badass you.

If you are planning to change your the girl-next-door image or your nerd look, switch to boyfriend jeans. Now the question is how do you go about putting on a boyfriend jeans and that's why I'm here. So, today let's talk about the new love of our boyfriend jeans and list the pieces that can be complimented with the boyfriend jeans.

1. Tanks + Boyfriend Jeans

Image Courtesy: frankiesheartfashion

What is better than donning a tank top with your newly bought boyfriend jeans? Nothing. Pick any hue of tank tops because that is the best thing about putting on a boyfriend jeans, you can pick any colour.

2. Jackets + Boyfriend Jeans

Image Courtesy: styleestate

So you think you can wear jackets only on your skinnies? Well, I'm sorry to say, but you are absolutely wrong. Compliment your jacket by pairing it up with boyfriend jeans, and there goes the new rebel in you.

3. Sneakers + Boyfriend Jeans

Image Courtesy:

While heels, pumps, wedges, etc., will look quite alright with your new genre of jeans, sneakers will embellish the look of your attire.

4. Shirt + Boyfriend Jeans

Image Courtesy: styleshaker

Tired of matching your shirts with trousers? Why not switch to boyfriend jeans and stop whining. Shirt and boyfriend jeans combo is a must-wear.

5. Printed Tee + Boyfriend Jeans

Image Courtesy: Stylestate

If you don this, this could be your favorite outfit of the year. Printed tees and boyfriend jeans are a match made in heaven. You can never go wrong with them.

6. Crop top + Boyfriend Jeans

Image Courtesy: womenoutfits

A lot of us are not readily up for crop tops. Mostly because of the fear of body image. To tell you the truth, crop top paired with a boyfriend jeans will just grace your body image. So, why worry, honey? Drop that tension and embrace the new look.

7. Sweatshirt + Boyfriend Jeans

Image Courtesy: xochritinemarine

This is the ideal outfit for the lazies. All you have to do is just put on your old high school sweatshirt, a pair of boyfriend jeans and voila! There goes the hottie of the town.

So which one of the above is your pick? Are you ready to rock the all new boyfriend jeans? Please do let us know.

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