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ShaadiFashion: 5 Must-Haves In A South Indian Bridal Trousseau


The exhausting Sangeet rehearsals, the every day shopping spree, the flower garlands on doors and windows, the constant gossip sessions, and the scrumptious delicacies are a few highlights of a typical Indian wedding. Wedding season has began and it's time to straighten up things in the apparel department.

The worst thing that could happen at any wedding is a missing apparel of the bride. A single cut on a bride's wedding outfit can terrorize the whole happy-wedding vibe. Brides do not take it easy when it comes to their bridal trousseau. Well, it is quite understandable since you only get to marry once (if you plan to) and your outfit should be of utmost priority.

Since we understand the vitality of a bridal trousseau, today we are going to exclusively focus on the South Indian bridal trousseau. If you want to check out a Maharashtrian Bridal Trousseau, click here. Or, want to learn something about Delhi Weddings, click here.

Moving on...South Indian brides are simply lovely. Unlike their Northern counterparts, South Indian brides' wedding outfits are very modest. They thrive on simplicity and keep their style minimalistic.
However, they use gold jewelry generously.

On the day of wedding, most of the traditional South Indian brides prefer white and golden saree however with time many modern brides have been open to experimenting with colors. These days a lot of South Indian brides go for red and green silk sarees.

South Indians are very simple and so are their brides. Their bridal trousseau has not much unlike North Indians who have a long list of myriad apparels. So without biding further adieu, let's list down the items from a South Indian bride's bridal trousseau:

Kanjeevaram/Kanchipuram Silk Saree: On the wedding day, a bride is supposed to wear a Kanjeevaram silk saree. As said earlier, she can wear the traditional white and golden, or can pick a different color. Silk sarees are mostly highlighted with a border, in contrast with the color of saree.

Lakshmi Haar: It's the most important element of a South Indian bride jewelry set. Though South Indians follow a simple saree trend but their jewelry choices are grand. A Lakshmi haar includes a heavy gold chain and a Lakhmi pendant. Many a times, brides will add 3-4 gold chains with the Lakshmi Haar to enhance the look.

Jada Billalu: Jada Billalu is a metal piece intricate with designs that is used in styling a bride's hair. It's mostly put on a bun, or on plates. This further enhances the beauty of South Indian bride's luscious jet black hair.

Jasmine Flowers: Garlands formerly known as gajras made out jasmine flowers are heavily used in a bridal trousseau, especially hairstyles. A gajra is heavily pinned around bride's bun or plates.

Maang Tikka: Maang Tikka is also an essential part of a bridal jewelry set. Modern brides prefer to use a single chain with a diamond while traditional bride stick to a more defined maang tikka, like the one shown below.

So dear bridesmaids, do not let your bride miss out on any of the above essential items.

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