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ShaadiFashion: Essentials Of A Marathi Bride's Trousseau

By Kaustubha

India is a country that thrives on its cultural diversities. Every state in India has its own traditions and customs, even weddings are different. A wedding in India is not a bond between two individuals, but between two families, resulting the big fat ceremonies involving dozens of relatives.

Out of all these weddings, a Marathi wedding is something to attend. The best part of a Marathi wedding is the bridal trousseau. The splendid silk sarees and gold jewelry are customary for a Marathi bride. Since its the beginning of wedding season, the invitations might have already started pouring in.

And if you have a Marathi friend who is getting hitched this winter, you might want to remember her bridal trousseau items because she'd probably look up to you for ticking off the items on her wardrobe list. In case you are that Marathi friend, you might want to bookmark this article for keeping your wardrobe list handy.

So enough of talking, let's list down the important items of a Marathi bride trousseau.

Item 1: You must have 10 of these handy. Go for summer colors like yellow, orange, red, pink, etc. But reserve the best one for your special day, probably a crimson red saree with intricate designs.

Item 2: Chooda is a common accessory in the most of Indian weddings. But in Marathi weddings a bride wears a green chooda while in other cultures a bride has to wear red bangles.

Item 3: Nath is another important item of bridal trousseau. Nath is a nose ring embellished with white pearls.

Item 4: Tanmani is a pearl necklace that is worn by bride on the day of wedding.

Item 5: Mundavalya is a vital element of a bride's jewelry pack. It's a pearl thread tied around a bride's forehead.

Item 6: These days moon bindi are not common, but in traditional weddings it is ordinary to see a bride donning a half-moon bindi.

Item 7: Vaaki is a gold armband. It is mostly worn on both hands, but these days brides prefer to wear on one hand.

Item 8: A bride ties her hair into a bun and embellish it jewels which called khopa.

So these are the 8 essential items of Marathi bride's bridal trousseau. So now you have the list, don't miss anything on the D-day.

Story first published: Friday, October 30, 2015, 18:32 [IST]
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