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Embrace The Nine Yard Wonder. Saree Draping Styles For Ganesh Chaturthi

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Ganesh Chaturthi is finally here and we're so excited. Why? Because it's the best time to dress up and make the most of this great festival. Everyone, from two to ninety-two enjoys the celebrations and wear their best. It's a ball for fashionistas especially 'cause they can look traditional and sexy at the same time.

If you're not a full fledged fashionista but still want to sizzle in a saree this Ganesh Chaturthi, don't panic, we're here to help. Girl, all you need to do is rummage through what you have and full a look together with these easy saree draping styles.

1. Classic Drape:

What To Wear For Ganesh Chaturthi

This is probably the most common way of wearing a saree. The pleats are neatly arranged and tucked into the front of the skirt, facing the left thigh, followed by the neatly pleated pallu going over the bust and left shoulder. This is one drape that compliments every woman. It's simple and elegant, perfect for the festival. If worn well, it can make you look sensuously curvaceous and sexy.

What To Wear For Ganesh Chaturthi

Find the most traditional saree you have and try this brilliant draping style. Adorn yourself with gold jewels, a large bindi and flowers. You're ready to set the place on fire this Ganesh Chaturthi in this saree look.

2. Gujarati Drape:

What To Wear For Ganesh Chaturthi

This draping style is popular predominantly in the Indian state of Gujarat. Gujarati women wear a reverse of the classic drape. The pleats are tucked in facing the right thigh and the pallu comes from the back, over the right shoulder and covers the breasts. This is an equally comfortable and elegant outfit that allows for graceful movement, there is also a special provision for covering the head. This is an important aspect of the Gujarati saree style as women there tend to cover their head at certain times.

Want to pull off a sexy Gujarati look? Opt for a sheer leheriya or bandhni saree with a heavy border. Wrap the saree tight around the hips to accentuate them and loosely over the breasts to add some flirty charm. You're sure to grab everyone's attention this festival season in this sexy outfit.

3. Flowy Pallu:

What To Wear For Ganesh Chaturthi

This is the best drape for chiffon sarees! Flowy, sheer fabric demands a flowly pallu drape and so you better get this look for Ganesh Chaturthi. This saree style is similar to the classic drape except that the pallu is draped in a single layer over the front of the blouse. The sheer fabric plays hide and seek with the blouse and the midriff, giving a seductive look to the wearer, amazing for the festivities.

Carry this look for the night time and get ready to glow like a goddess. Sheer sarees look best in black and other dark colours so choose something along these lines. This is a very contemporary look so stay away from traditional accessories and flowers.

4. Bengali Drape:

What To Wear For Ganesh Chaturthi

Who wants to embody the uber glamorous Bengali belle? It's a very feminine and traditional style of draping sarees because of the way it wraps a woman's body. Bengali influences on sarees are too huge to miss out this Ganesh Chaturthi so if you have a white, gold and red saree on hand, get it out now!

You can try the Bengali saree look with gold jewellery, a big red bindi and flowers. The drape may seem confusing but you can master it by practising it a couple of times. Smudged kohl eyes, and red lips complete the look with finesse.

5. Toga Drape:

What To Wear For Ganesh Chaturthi

This is a very trendy saree drape that's been making rounds on social media lately. It's very cool and gives your saree a total makeover! All you girls who want to look totally new this Ganesh Chaturthi, pick this saree style. It's sure to get people looking and talking about you all day and all night.

The drape is simple, resembling the classic drape but the interesting bit comes with the pallu. The pallu's upper edge is fastened to the blouse and this creates the toga-style appearance. Accessorise with chunky neck pieces and bangles. Keep the hair style funky as well and you've got yourself a sexy, Africa-inspired look for the biggest festival this season!

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