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9 Saree Colours That Dusky Complexion Women Can Pull Off Better Than Fair Skin Women


Indians are obsessed with fair skin. Are you one of those who is always looking for natural remedies to get yourself fair? Well, you should drop that now. Because guess what? Dusky is the new fair. That means, these days, dusky skin is more popular than fair skin.

People are getting tanned. There are new tan machines. So see? The dusky is the new trending skin tone. So if you've been worried about your skin tone, you should not.

Now let's talk about what looks good on the dusky skin. No doubt, that bright colours look gorgeous on light skin tones but what can a dusky complexion lady pull off?

While fair skin tone enhances pastel colours, neon colours and fluorescent shades, dusky, on the other hand, enhances darker shades.

On the colour spectrum, you should always pick the darker shades of your favourite colour family.

Since we live in India and we are constantly reminded of our dark skin, we need to take the examples of our Bollywood divas. If you live in India, you can't escape two things: Comments and Bollywood.

Bollywood dusky divas like Bipasha, Kajol, Konkana Sen, Sushmita Sen look phenomenon in darker shades. And the best part, they pull off these colours better than their fair counterparts.

So if you have been insecure about your skin colour, then you need to stop worrying about it right away. Follow Bollywood's lead and embrace your skin tone. Also, shun the natural remedies that make you look fair.

All you have to do is just pick the right colour for your clothes. In this piece, we have listed 9 saree colours that a dusky skin lady can pull off better than fair skin. So go ahead and give yourself a wardrobe makeover:


Purple Cotton Saree

Yes, ladies! Purple is the colour for you. You can rock any shade of purple -- light or dark. Mostly, go for purple. Just look at Konkana here. She is glowing in purple.


Dark Brown & Sheer Net Combo

Bips here is wearing a Sabyasachi. Just look at thebrown shade of her saree and how it's complimenting her dusky skin.


Sheer White Saree

Yes. Many say white doesn't go with dusky skin. But that is so not true. You can pull off any white saree like it's no big deal. Here, Bips is wearing a white net saree with gotta border and she is glowing. Isn't she?


Black Lacework Saree

If you can flaunt a colour without having second thoughts about it is black. Dusky ladies can rock any black saree, be it lace, sheer net or cotton. And if you love, then bingo! You know what you'll be wearing tomorrow.


Dark Pink Cotton Saree

Darker shades look the best on you. So if you like the feminine pink, then pick its darker version.


Dark Red Lacework Saree

See how Sushmita is flaunting the red saree? You can do it too. Dark red saree colour will bring the best out of your dusky features.


White Chiffon Saree

Any Bengali dusky girls out there? If you're having doubts about wearing your tradition white and red border saree, worry no more. Because if somebody can pull off that saree is you.


Brocade Red Saree

Just look how newlywed Bips looks in this red brocade saree. So now if you think, you can't pull off the traditional red saree then think again.


Plaids In Blue & Red

Just look how lovely Rani looks over here? Plaid is a print but if you pick dark colours for plaid saree then you're good to go.

What do you think? Now all you have to do is, whenever you pick a saree just pick the right colour. And we assure you, you'll look better than anybody else in the room.

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