Payal Jain's Overwhelming 'La Playa Blanca' Collection At Amazon India Fashion Week 2016

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Finally after a marathon of fashion bonanza, we've come to the last leg of the day 3 of Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016. Like we said Amazon India Fashion Week is the best fashion festival of Asia. So with the title being best, the final show of the day 3 has to be grand. Are you guys still aboard with us? If yes, join us for the final show of AIFW SS'16 DAY 3.

For the last leg of the day, we have the enchanting and whimsical collections of the famous designer Payal Jain. And this time for AIFW SS 2016, she has name her collection to be, 'La Playa Blanca'.

Payal Jain is an Indian fashion designer, and she is popular for her corporate uniform. She was born in New Delhi and graduated from summa-cum-laude in 1993 from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, California.

Payal Jain worked as a design assistant in some of the prestigious European fashion houses Fritzi San Francisco and later worked with leading couturiers in San Francisco and in London. She returned to India to work. She participated in some major international fashion shows including Toronto. She also wrote a book called as Fashion Studies for aspiring young designers.

She works with craftsmen in tiny villages across Rajasthan, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Bihar to integrate their designs in the mainstream. She works with indigenous material like silk, brocades, Zardosi and chikankari and gets inspiration fro Mughals and other royal eras. She believes in keeping the old traditions alive through fashion and her designs.

Her collection 'La Playa Blanca' sounds very interesting, delicate and sophisticated. 'playa Blanca' means 'White Beach' in Spanish, also a beach city named after this in Spain. So we assume her collections would be something based on beach, Spain, sand, white and lots of folk drama with it. Let's go ahead and have a quick sneak peek to 'La Playa Blanca' collection by Payal Jai for AIFW SS'16. It's gonna be raunchy.


Short Off-Shoulder

This white embroidered off-shoulder short dress is a thing to die for. The runway was covered with beach sand, and this attire is a complete contrast to it.


Maxi Gowns

White maxi gowns are so elegant and elite. Beach maxi gowns are such a necessary for the spring, and when it is designed by Payal Jain, definitely yes. This white spaghetti strap long maxi gown is sexy, raunchy yet elegant. Perfect for a beach/honeymoon date.


Deep Neck Short Kaftan

Raunchy, sexy, sandy, and lustful piece to make your man go panting for you. This short above knee kimono sleeved kaftan dress is what you need to have this spring, on the beach.


Knitted Off-Shoulder

This side off-shoulder short dress is beautiful and perfect for spring. But its has something extraordinary, you know what? the long sleeves and neck line is knitted and are puffed. Best for a date night or a movie.


The Showstopper

My, My, it's the showstopper dress, and it has to be grand and beyond imagination. Saree on a beach runway. Yes, breaking the stereotypes. This white and red floral embroidered saree is what you choose for your beach/honeymoon date. Beauty and Grace has been taken to the next level with this showstopper dress.


Final Walk

As the models join the designers at the final walk, we see an entire plethora of white beach contrasting collection by Payal Jain. The designs were dramatic yet casual, raunchy yet minimal. A great show as a whole.

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