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4 Types Of Men's Jacket To Celebrate International Men's Day With Class

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Happy International Men's Day! It's the day for boys. Before we take our fashion drift, let's start with why there is a day dedicated to men community. International day is celebrated to focus on the issues related to men's/boy's health, improving gender relations and gender equality. 

Of course, when we have a day that celebrates women's day for their recognition in the society, we do need a day to celebrate the second gender. 

Moving we have decided to throw some light on men's winter fashion. Personally, we feel winter wardrobe is very generous to men. They have varieties of categories to pick and every category is better than the other. The vibrant hoodies, the blazers and sweatshirts look ridiculously stunning on boys.

Today, in the men's winter fashion section, we have decided to cover jackets. You'll be surprised to know the types of jackets a typical man's wardrobe can accommodate, but we have decided to highlight only the 4 best jacket categories:

Puffer Jackets: Ideal jackets to beat the freezing temperature. Plus, the the softness of polyster fabric is any day better than a wool sweater.

Men's Winter Fashion Fad: Jackets

Get the above puffer jackets here:

Black Puffer Jacket for 699/-, Hooded Puffer Jacket for 1820/-, Sleeveless Puffer Jacket for 1260/-

Nehru Jackets:  A very useful category this season. Winter wedding have begun and you might need a couple or more handy.

Men's Winter Fashion Fad: Jackets

Get the above Nehru jackets here:

Red Wooden Button Nehru Jacket for 999/-, Purple Nehru Jacket for 959/-, Red Nehru for 1299/-

Blazer Jacket: Instead of hobo sweatshirt look for work, try and look dapper with these absolutely gorgeous blazer jackets.

Men's Winter Fashion Fad: Jackets

Get the above blazer jackets here:

Beige Blazer, Grey Blazer, Black Blazer

Leather Jackets: A mandatory product! Comes handy for those winter bike rides or concerts. 

Men's Winter Fashion Fad: Jackets

Get the above leather jackets here:

Black Leather Jacket, Brown Leather Jacket, Buttoned Leather Jacket

So this season, which of the above will dazzle your wardrobe? 

Men's Winter Fashion Fad: Jackets
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