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This Designer's Tentacle Tights Are A Huge Draw On The Internet


How creative can you get when it comes to being stylish? Creating some unusual designs that grab the attention of the audience is something that the fashion industry works on, on an everyday basis.

Here, in this article, we are sharing the details of some of the most unusual designs of leggings that have been created.

These designer leggings have gained so much popularity that people from different parts of the world are ordering it!

An artist going by the name, Daniel Struzyna has come up with a unique concept of making hand-made tentacle tights! He sells these exclusive pieces on his ETSY (an e-commerce website focused on hand-made or vintage items and craft supplies) shop called 'Tinkercast'. His designs have become so famous that he is unable to keep up with the number of orders that he has been receiving!

Daniel revealed that the tentacle tights design has been inspired by the main villain from the movie 'The Little Mermaid', Ursula.

He, further, elaborated that most of his orders are from people who love to play the character of Ursula at cosplay (a performance art in which participants wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character) conventions. He added that they make immediate purchases. Daniel also added that his buyers' list also includes those who like to stand out!

For those who think that the trend is recent, let's break the ice that it has been about three years since Daniel had started making these tentacle tights!

Daniel revealed that the main inspiration for this unique creation was his girlfriend since he always wanted to gift something special on Christmas day for her. Since his girlfriend loved mermaids and 'Ariel' (from 'The Little Mermaid') was her favourite character, he came up with the concept of creating these tentacle-designed tights.

When his girlfriend posted a picture of her new Mermaid tights on social media, netizens went crazy. This is when Daniel decided to start making them for others as well. "Over time, I have continued to improve the design and the tights that I create today are so much better than the first ones," he was quoted as saying.

The buyers are so happy with his creation that they have been giving 5-star ratings for his unusual collection of tentacle tights.

About the sudden craze and the interest netizens have shown in his designs, he revealed that he accepted only a relatively small amount of commission initially, since the process of making these tights is quite time-consuming and since he does not have a company or a team to make them, it is exclusive.

Apart from creating these unusual leggings, Daniel is also known for creating other designs that have been inspired by the sea.

Well, check out his Instagram page to know about his other designs and how he makes tights and leggings more interesting!

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