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Learn How To Style Like A Hippie; Basic Things From A Hippie's Wardrobe

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how to style like a hippie

Being hippie is not just a style statement but there are many who would like to step into the shoes of a hippie. Hippies are popular for their hip-culture where they are mostly on tours and as stating them as backpackers, they do not get to style like normal people. The best thing about hippie styling is that it is unisex.

A hippy style is a style statement in itself and there are not just few who wants to adopt their style. There is basic backpack style necessity every hippie has and to style like one, you would require to possess them.


Dhoti Pants

Dhoti pants on a plain cotton base come in different variation in colour and prints. The mostly have motif prints on them and look really cool as you can team them with a loose tee or a crop kurta. If you go to bohemian shops, you will get a great variety of cheap rates.


Vintage Attires

Hippies love to wear attires which look faded or has been intentionally ripped off. It brings a lot of coolness and sassiness to your look. Not just attires, you get matching vintage bags, slippers and accessories too. Do not judge before donning some really amazing vintage collection and bring your hippie look.


Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are always beautiful and hippies were a different kind of maxi dresses. They mostly have a pure cotton body as hippies always are concerned about the comfort level while styling. The different designs hippies were on their maxi dresses are too good and also vary in styles.



Bandanas are head accessories which hippies tend to adore and they always carry it with most of their ensembles. If you really want to get into the styling shoes of a hippie, you surely have to own a set of bandanas.


Tribal Accessories

Tribal accessories have been the best part of any bohemian look and hippies always wear tribal jewellery, be it in a dainty structure or even in the junk. It actually depends on your preferences. You might not like too much jewellery or you might also be a fan of multiple piercings, but a small nose wired ring is a signature style.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 23, 2017, 20:39 [IST]
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