Got An Interview Coming Up? Here Are Five Great Tips To Look Your Best!

By: Jessica Peter

True, an interview is all about you, your personality and your qualification but what better way to present all the above than dressing appropriately?

Interviews are trying times for anyone but it's even worse when you're clueless about what to wear to one. We've put together a quick list to help you calm your nerves about the dos and don'ts of office wear.

1. Location: Find out where the interview is to be held before deciding on the outfit. If it's going to take place outside the company, check where exactly the venue is and then dress up.

How to Dress Formally for an Interview

For example, if the interview is being held in a coffee shop at the local mall, you can wear semi-formal khaki trousers and a white linen shirt, covered shoes and a plain bag or briefcase. You're free to dress your hair up or down but don't go overboard with make-up.

If the interview is being held within the company you will be working in it's better to dress formally. Keep in mind the climate, travel, nature of the job and the company's dress code when you choose your clothes. Always wear your hair up in a neat bun or ponytail (if you have medium - long hair) or secure your short hair with a simple barrette. Do not overdo hair spray and avoid using too much perfume as you may appear tacky.

How to Dress Formally for an Interview

2. Subtlety: Go for clothes that are well-tailored but steer clear of tight or ill-fitting apparel. He silhouette must be simple and sophisticated. Never wear bright colours as they are not office appropriate, try opting for pastel or neutral colours such as white, black, grey, beige, nude, blush, taupe, deep blue, bottle green or marsala. These shades will not distract from your face and exude a sense of calm confidence.

Blazers, trousers, shirts, sweaters, skirts, tops, et cetera are the best pieces of clothing for interviews but remember to wear them wisely. Blazers must be wellfitted but not shiny or skimpy, trousers should not be skin tight, shirts have to be opaque, buttoned up and loose fitted, sweaters also must be formal and should never be tight, anything above the knee or too tight is not appropriate when it comes to skirts (panty hose is optional), and plunging necklines and figure-hugging tops must be avoided.

The idea is to show your professional image to the company so dress decently and smartly. Always make sure your clothes are neatly pressed and there are no stains.

3. Lingerie: Formal dressing does have rules for lingerie! Girls, beware of choosing the wrong kind of lingerie for an interview. There is nothing more embarassing than having panty lines showing under your skirt or trousers and a bra that is visibly ill-fitting. Wear lingerie that is neutral coloured, fits well and is inconspicuous.

How to Dress Formally for an Interview

4. Accessories: Less is more: Try to wear the most inconspicuous jewellery as you don't want to appear over dressed. Simple studs for the ears, a formal wristwatch and a finger ring or two should look classy enough. If you have numerous piercings, remove them and try to hide tattoos, if any. You need to look as elegant as possible.

For the bags and shoes, leave your big jhola with all your junk at home and carry a neat briefcase or portfolio, in black or brown. Along with that a small handbag containing your cash, make-up and other personal items will suffice.

Footwear can be flats or heels as long as they're covered and simple. Don't don a pair that are too noisy on a non-carpeted surface!

5. Celebrity Inspiration: If you're still clueless about what to wear try looking up some pictures of celebrities who sport classy formals. Some of them are Kangana Ranaut, Sonakshi Sinha, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Madhuri Dixit and so on. These images will help you understand what you should sim for when you begin to dress. Be warned however, celebrities do wear a substantial amout of make-up. Smokey eyes, glossy lips, false eyelashes and glittery make-up are not office appropriate.

How to Dress Formally for an Interview

These ensembles should help you get the idea. Try a black blazer over a crisp white shirt or wear navy blue trousers with a plain nude coloured top/sweater. A black shift/wrap dress will look great over grey shoes and with a blush bag or pair a white skirt with a midnight blue shirt and nude shoes and a tan leather briefcase. A marsala formal tunic with smokey grey silk tights or a plain Salwar suit with a formal feel can look elegant and pleasant. The key is to look simple, clean and fresh, stylish and presentable.

Let your personality shine through from beginning to end, it will not let you down. Keep you voice even and smooth as you answer and don't fiddle with your fingers or jewellery. Make eye contact and let people know you mean business. Following these few tips will help you get closer to achieving your dream job and help you learn to dress office appropriately.

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