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Add Checks To Your Fashion Check List! How To Revive This Forgotten Trend


Either we all wore checks growing up or we knew someone who did. They were either in our school uniforms or in those corny looking clothes our uncles and aunties used to buy for the summer holidays. Little did we know back then that we were wearing a piece of timeless fashion. Don't believe us? Read on.

The checked pattern is also called tartan or plaid and it originated in Scotland in the 1500s with their amazing kilts. Scots are famous for this geometric pattern made from pre-dyed yarn. The weaving combination results in lovely squares called setts and this elegant pattern has been worn by Scottish folk from centuries.

If you're ready to rock this cute yet classy fabric this season, here are some great ideas for you to try.

1. Crop Shirts:

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Show off that midriff, girl! Crop tops and shirts are an awesome way to look trendy, they show off your slim belly and make you look taller by shortening your torso. You want longer looking legs? Go for crop plaid shirts.

2. Boyfriend Shirts:

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Slouchy, sexy and fun - the boyfriend shirt is for everyone! You can buy this shirt or rummage through your brother's, boyfriend's or dad's closet for it. It's the best shirt for lazy days when you want to look put together without actually doing much.

3. Skirts:

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Take a cue from those leggy models who just can't have their legs hidden and get into a mini skirt right away. Plaid skirts are reminiscent of childhood days and they're a must have for anyone who enjoys carrying the school-girl look. Mini skirts look good when paired with any kind of top and hence, they're an ever-green look, especially in plaid.

4. Coats:

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The winter season is fast approaching and we must remember to pick some great coats and cardigans to flaunt. Checked, warm coats are the way to go, they're very cosy and match most clothes in the autumn winter wardrobe. Get yourself into a plaid coat and enjoy the compliments that will follow.

5. Dresses:

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No girl can claim she has a complete wardrobe without a couple of dresses. Dresses are the best look for dates, office, pubs and even weddings. This feminine attire looks great on everyone and one must have a plaid dress to wear this season. Black and white checks are the best combination for dresses and we're sure you agree.

6. Trousers:

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Who said only men wear pants and trousers? Women can enjoy the comfort of a good pair of trousers this fall winter as long as they make sure they're plaid. Whether they're low hanging or high waist, plaid trousers can change your style game for the better. Team them up with a plain tee for the day and with sequin for the night. It's always a good time with plaid.

7. Scarves:

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Trust us, this elegant piece of fabric can amp up your look in a hurry. Checked scarves are an important addition to your wardrobe this fall winter for two reasons. One, they keep you warm and two, they're checked. Revive the lost trend of wearing plaid and get the best look this season by getting yourself this geometric woven fabric in every form you can.

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