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How To Actually Bring Eco-Friendly Fashion To Your Cupboards?



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Come World Environment Day, and there is a sudden switch in our perception. All of a sudden, we want to buy the environment-friendly products.

And since the terms 'sustainable fashion' are so in-vogue that in some nanoseconds, we get super-recharged to give our wardrobe a makeover (but this happens only on one particular day, like love happens on Valentine's Day). But what about having these eco-friendly thoughts the whole year?

Not wanting to sound preachy, but sustainable fashion should be running in our veins like blood.

But...there is always a is difficult to completely change our buying goals. In this motor-consumerist capitalist society, we have been conditioned to buy more and more.

Sometimes, we don't even care about the fabrics. We are a product of instant gratification these days, so we just want to click, click on e-commerce platforms and order the budget-friendly shirts, skirts and dresses (which makes our eyes big enough to pop out).


And it is almost hypocritical of us also to endorse sustainable fashion throughout the year. So, while this total change of heart is very difficult, what we can do is take a deep breath first and then follow a few simple baby steps in order to bring the word of the day, 'environmental-friendly', to our cupboards.

1. Choose Your Fabric Wisely

Next time you go shopping or do some online-ordering of clothes, don't just buy what looks good. Give the fabric of the cloth a minute's thought at least. Everyday fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, rayon, and khadi are considered very eco-friendly, so prefer buying these material outfits. Avoid leather, polyester, and animal furs please.

2. Remember Those Good Old Days Tailors

So, even when we have a minor dysfunction in our attires such as a button falling off or a rip in the jeans, we throw that cloth away and buy a new one. But that's a bad practice. We should in fact visit the local tailors and get our clothes repaired and look like brand new in no time. Also, we can buy those beautiful sustainable fabrics and get something unique stitched by the tailor.

3. Brands Do Matter

Select the brand, which is into eco-friendly fashion. Today, because of so much awareness and campaigns raised, there are numerous brands that have started making environment-friendly clothes. Moreover, you can also place orders from a good online brand, which is making fashion sustainable.

4. Go Vintage Shopping

Absolutely go vintage-shopping the next time. The vintage clothes are not merely 'used clothes' but they have a history and some characteristic taste to them. They will not only help you stand apart but you will also be protecting the environment. If you find vintage-shopping a bit difficult, you can also ask your grannies and grandpas to lend you saris, jewellery, shirts, etc.

5. And Last Of All, Don't Over-Buy

Oh, yes! Don't buy too much. Buying too much means wasting that much too. It has a very bad effect on the manufacturers and in the lure of those low-priced tops and bottoms, we tend to overspend, without realising it. And who says repeating clothes is not fashionable, Kate Middleton does it too.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 5, 2018, 19:01 [IST]
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