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Hotness Alert! Kim Kardashian Is Putting The Summer Sun To Shame

By Ankita

Kim Kardashian is back in form and is doing what she does best, SLAY!

From over a week or so, the social media superstar is posting some of her hottest pictures one has seen in the recent times and it is hard to not notice them.

From motherhood for the third time to her new makeup line flourishing, a lot has been going on in her life lately and that probably is the reason why she was not posting the kind of pictures her humongous follower base loves to adore.

But recently, the hottie is on a rampage of posting bikini pics and it would not be wrong to say that Instagram has come to life.

Her hour-glass figure and her much-talked-about derrière has been making a splash on Instagram and netizens are unable to handle the heat. Quite obviously!

Kimmy was on a beach vacay and, in the three photos, is seen wearing a red and a black bikini which is perfectly complementing her envious figure and boy! she is looking hotter than ever.

But there are also people who are just not believing that this could be her real body and she has been constantly trolled for supposedly "photoshopping" her holiday pictures.

She has also posted a video of herself moving around in a bikini to prove that she was not photoshopping her pics. But a bunch of people did not seem to buy this though.

Whatever might be the case, one can't deny that Kim Kardashian is in fact an international benchmark of how a sexy woman should be. She has been facing trolls and hatred for years together, but nothing has ever taken away her stardom!

Story first published: Thursday, April 12, 2018, 13:46 [IST]