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Are You A Pogonophile? Here Are Five Reasons To Not Celebrate 'No Beard Day'!

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"No Beard Day exists so you have a good reason to shave your beard. You've had a beard so long, that you don't know what you'd look like without one. And, your lady friend isn't so fond of it. Today brings the extra incentive you need, to shave it off and go without a beard for the first time in who knows when.

So, bare it all and show off your chin. If you don't like it, you can always grow it back, guys.

Have a happy and clean-shaven No Beard Day!"

NO! This isn't right! He who sacrifices a beard for a woman deserves neither. Are you really willing to give up all your hard work and shave your manly face just to celebrate No Beard Day? We think that this is absolutely silly! An average beard takes anywhere between a year to six years to grow out completely in all its glory and you're willing to put that at stake just for a holiday? Fine, maybe you haven't gotten to the point where your facial hair is a wild mess that boasts of ridiculously high levels of testosterone but that still doesn't mean you ought to take No Beard Day seriously.

We have six fantastic reasons for you to stay true to your masculine self and rid yourself of those nasty razors forever.

Designer Stubble:

Beard Styles For Men

Image From: tumblr

This beard is also known popularly as the five o'clock shadow. It aims at giving the wearer a rugged, unkempt look on purpose. The best outfits with this beard are casuals. Wear this beard to the beach on sultry summer evenings and watch the girls walk over in a hurry.


Beard Styles For Men

Image From: zeusfactor

This beard is tricky as it needs heaps of grooming and care. The hair needs to be kept short and even while the lines are as tight as possible. This classy beard suits most men and can make any outfit look good. However, if you really want to stand out, pick formal or semi formal clothes.

Full Beard:

Beard Styles For Men

Image Courtesy: tumblr

A full beard that's well groomed says that you're truly the manliest of men. Your beard looks elegant when groomed and sexy and rugged when it's not. It needs minimal maintenance and is the easiest beard style of all. Go wild, wear anything you like with this beard, go shirtless even. You're sure to attract hungry eyes everywhere you go.


Beard Styles For Men

Image From: pophaircuts

This flirty beard style is great for those who belong to the hipster subculture. It's quite the task to maintain and carry it off but the results are worth the efforts! Hipster fashion and the hipster beard is a match made in heaven so get out there and pick your best buttoned up shirt and skinny trousers ‘cause its's all about flaunting that artistic beard.

Captain Jack:

Beard Styles For Men

Image From: tumblr

This cute beard is a combination of a mustache, a Soul Patch and a light Goatee. This style is sure to please crowds where ever you go. Take a cue from Tony Stark on keeping it real with a sexy beard like that! Formal clothes, casual clothes or no clothes at all, you're sure to shine! Get the trendiest look with the Captain Jack beard.

Are you a Pogonophile (someone who loves beards) too? Which beard style is your favourite? Tell us!

Story first published: Sunday, October 18, 2015, 1:02 [IST]
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