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#Promise: These 4 Sweaters Will Amp Up Your Winters

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Winter has come and we cannot abuse the popular GOT phrase 'winter is coming' and just like that we cannot let you be any less stylish. We know we have covered a number of pieces on trench coats, jackets, etc. and totally ignored the importance of cute snuggly sweater in your closet.

We might have disdained the entire category on the stylish factor, but we have come to clear our statements. Sweaters are less stylish when compared to jackets, but the important factor here is the type of sweater. You need to be very careful in selecting sweaters. You cannot just buy something with no prior research.

Since you guys have us, you can totally ignore the research because we have already done it for you and now let's talk business. Today we are going to feature 4 types of sweaters that you should definitely buy for a stylish and cozy winter. So here goes...

Yellow Sweater: Do you know why you need this? To brighten up you winters, in better words, summarize your winters. The over-sized factor of this sweater makes it even better. 


Yellow over-sized sweater

Black Sweater With Hint Of Glitter: Perfect for New Year's Eve. Well, why wait for New Year's, when you can flaunt it on cozy dinner dates?

knitted black sweater

Grey Sweater: This is more of a support. You can wear it with 3 layers on Casual Fridays or a brunch date. Add a neon pink scarf to pep up your look.

grey sweater

Stripes Always Do Wonders: This will give you a girl-next-door look. Take any American chick flick and you'll know what are we talking about. 

striped sweater

So girls, stop reading this and get these now!

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