3 Fashion Essentials For College This Year

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It's 2016, people! Are you ready to start a new chapter in your life - College? What are your plans for starting freshman year? New friends, new teachers, and new clothes? The most exciting part of college is the clothes, isn't it?

I know many of you just can't wait to start college only because you want to wear those gorgeous outfits which you have saved for your freshman year. College fashion is a big deal. And it takes a lot of work and patience. You can't just blindly walk-in to a store and buy prints that do not belong in your wardrobe.

So the college apparel shopping should be thought through and invested. And how do you do that? Well, if you've not been reading this, there might be a big how? But since you are reading this you're on the right track and we will tell you how to rock college fashion this year.

But before we go any further with fashion, let us assure you that this is not just for freshman, it is also for second and third years. Fashion is for everyone and you might want to take a few tips before you start a new year this college. We have listed 4 must-haves for the college fashion. So if you do not have any of the below-mentioned clothing items, you need to go right away and buy them.

Peter Pan Collars: Well, it's not an item, it's just a pattern. Yes, it is. But put it on a simple dress and it will do wonders. Put it on a shirt, and you'll need no neck accessories. Peter pan collars are best on a chic dress. Go for grey, yellow and red with contrasting peter pan collars.

Peter pan collars

Wide-Legged Pants: Yes, you'll thank us later. The runways are going mad over these. But don't you mix these with palazzo. They're tailored strategically as per lining of the leg. You'll get a lot of pleated drama around the waist. So for the skinny ones, it's the best option for you to flaunt.

Wide-legged pants

Stripes And A Lot Stripes: Yes, this year rock the first year at college with stripes. Take inspiration from sailor fashion. You can also try these stripes for a t-shirt dress. It's the best when you're trying to pull off swag fashion. Add a t-shirt dress with required stripes, a hat and sneakers. Voila! You are ready for college.

stripes shirts

So are you ready for your first day at college, fashionwise? Let us know by commenting below. 

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