Flaunt Those Fur Coats, Scarves, Eskimos, With Ease And Style!

By: Gautam Gayan

Winter is supposed to be the most romantic season of all. Winter is the season of love and warmth. Warmth of love and the bonfires, the picnics and hangouts next to the river banks, ah! Reminiscing, ain't it?

Along with winter comes the season of fashion and clothing. Yes, fashion and winter are almost parallel to each other. Women are more adherent towards winter, 'cause it really makes them work hard on reassigning their closets.

Fashion during winters is pretty essential, 'cause girl, you gotta flaunt that skin even if it is chilly and cold, with ease.

Carrying out good fashion and style during winters is a tricky job, but not very difficult either. We truly understand the dilemma one has to go through about "what to wear" on a winter night or morning. The confusion occurs only because of the temperature outside the house.

We want to wear shorts, but then are scared of the cold. Well, don't be scared now, because we're here to give you proper suggestions on "what to wear on a winter day/night", scroll below to get your answers.

Sweaters And Scarfs

Coats For Women

Winters it is, so how can we leave aside our old, classy mates of warmth- Sweaters and Scarves. Sweaters are never out of style, we just need to wear them properly. We are talking about all types of sweaters be it heavy, bulky, light, smooth, et cetera. Sweaters look good with jeans mostly. To accompany and enhance the beauty of the look, Scarfs are definitely a brownie point. Scarves or stoles give a very subtle look.


Coats For Women

Yes, you heard us right, Eskimos are still in trend. Whether it is an Eskimo jacket, or shoes, they look damn sexy during winters. Girl! Go Eskimo this winter and have those furry caps to get a pictured moment. Please restrain wearing Eskimo's where the areas are lesser cold and chilly, wear them for extreme cold predicaments, or may be at night.

Faux Fur Coats

Coats For Women

Oomph! That sounds so sexy and hot, the Faux fur coat, is the sexiest thing that you can opt this season, for protecting yourself from the chilly winters. Faux fur coats would look gorgeous with those short dresses, pencil skirts, gowns, et cetera. Make sure to have this outfit this winter in your closets.


Coats For Women

Whoot! We all get excited when we get to hear this word. Don't we? And definitely we should, 'cause overcoats are fashionable for all the winters. This is a very vintage English style, adapted by the entire world, and has been running since its evolution. You can wear overcoats to office, parties, movies, hangouts, et cetera. Overcoats really look good with semi formals, and formals.

So, what's your pick for this winter season?

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