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Day Two Highlights From The Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016


Here we are with the highlights and wrap up of the day two collections from the Amazon India Fashion Week 2016, Spring-Summer. Oh my god! It was one hell of a ride last night. We bet you had a fabulous and fashionable ride with us to the journey of tennis inspired fashion by Anand Bhushan, vintage rose collection by Payal Pratap, 60's designs by Hemant and Nandita, pastel and neutral hues by Pratima Pandey, Bohemian inspiration by Tanvi Kedia, Victorian vampire by Samanth Chauhan, sublime ensemble of Dev R Nil and Ashish Soni's contemporary couture.

Let's have a quick revision and wrap up session for all the collections that was displayed yesterday at the runway of Amazon India Fashion Week, 2016.


Pratima Pandey

The day started with the display of the collections by Pratima Pandey. Her designs consisted pastels and neutral hues of Sarees and Lehengas.

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Tanvi Kedia

Tanvi Kedia's designs were indulged in Bohemian hues. The long skirts, with box blouses accompanied by Bohemian texture was gorgeous to look at.

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Hemant And Nandita

Hemant and Nandita were third to dazzle the runway with their 60's magic collection. The retro inspired skirts and dresses with retro sunglasses were just thing to disco.

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Pallavi Mohan

Pallavi Mohan nailed the entire the runway, with her gorgeous sheer, transparent, see-through designs. She believes, her collections should be edgy yet easy, affordable yet stylish, and fashion forward

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Anand Bhushan

Anand Bhusan named his collection as DEUCE. It is because the entire presentation was tennis inspired. May be the next Wimbledon you can definitely opt for some of these.

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Dev R Nil

Dev R Nil surprised everyone with their sublime ensemble collection. The box blouses, high-waist pants, flared bottoms, definitely a thing to drool our eyes on.

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Payal Pratap

Payal Pratap's Vintage Rose collection is something to die for. Oh my, my, the vintage rose embroidery, on a modern outfit was something very exotic. She created a lot of drama, emotion and femininity at the runway.

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Samanth Chauhan

Samanth Chauhan's collection was raw, splendid and full of fierce and passion. Very much Victorian and Vamp featured collection. The runway was dazzled in red and white hues.

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Ashish N Soni

Ashish Soni's were mostly contemporary in nature. Acid wash denim dresses, pleated formal dresses, embellished deep neck midi dress, were his thing to give us a moment of serendipity.

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