Must Check Out The Travel Look Book Of These B-Town Divas

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Well, yesterday we covered a story on B-town boys and how they rock their airport look. If you want to take a look at it: B-Town Boys Airport Fashion. Today, we have decided to pay attention to B-town divas. Just like the boys, these divas also put in a lot of efforts in their travel wardrobe.

Being celebrity comes with a great style factor. You can't wear clothes reluctantly since you know the moment you get at the airport, there will be a swarm of photographers clicking your pictures without a prior permission and if you dress inappropriately, next day you are all over the news. That's why B-town celebs take their travel fashion pretty seriously. Well, what can we say? We get a few tips handy as well. Don't you think, guys? 

Recently, we spotted a couple of Bollywood actresses at the airport. They looked comfy and stylish all at the same time. Isn't that what you seek when you have to sit an hour long in a flight? Comfort and fashion. 

Anushka Sharma In Printed Tunic: We spotted Anushka with boyfriend Virat Kohli. Anushka wore a printed black tunic with blue skinny jeans, paired with her favorite pair of white sneakers. We also loved how she added a leather handbag to the ensemble. Choice of shades? Not very agreeable.

Airport Fashion Of B-Town Divas

Zareen Khan In Red Shirt: Zareen maintained a low profile. She was more inclined to basics rather than experimenting with her travel look. She wore a bright red shirt, a blue jeans and blue sneakers. Her choice of shades? Better than that of Anushka's.

Airport Fashion Of B-Town Divas

Raveena In White: Raveena seems to have put in a bit of an effort while dressing up for her trip. She neatly paired a black shirt with a white pant, paired with a beige shrug. What we admire is the styling of her red scarf. 

Airport Fashion Of B-Town Divas

So who do you think rocked the airport look? B-town boys or the girls? Let us know by commenting below. 

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