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Times When Rihanna Went Braless, Just Like Kim Kardashian


What is common with Rihanna and Kim Kardashian? Well. Both of them shy away from wearing bra as much as possible. Kim Kardashian is always the talk of the town for her baring and revealing outfits. Her breasts put on display in her raunchy outfits.

We would like to tell you that before Kim gained popularity, it was Rihanna who used to steal the show with her raunchy outfits.

We love how these two give zero damns about the social norms and embrace their bodies as it is. We love it how they are making a statement that it is okay to not wear a bra sometimes because honestly, it's a discomfort.

Well, we don't know what you think of them but we love these two for not caring much. And here are 6 times when Rihanna went bold and without a bra to tell the world that she can chose to wear whatever she likes and you can do nothing about it. That's the spirit girl.

1. The White Separates: When Rihanna walked the red carpet in these white separates. She left her bra home to get more comfortable. A white crop top that gave a peek to her tattoo.

2. The See-through Red Dress: Rihanna was spotted walking out of a party wearing this see-through red dress. Rihanna put her breasts on display with this outfit. It's quite a baring dress if you chose to wear no bra underneath.

3. The See-through Black Dress: It looks like the singer loves to add see-through looks to her party wardrobe. In this look too, Rihanna was seen with no bra on.

4. The Shimmery Gown: Rihanna gave zero damns when she walked the red carpet in this revealing see-through gown. Wearing only underwear and embracing her body as it is. This was quite the choice and it beats Kim Kardashian, who is also known for wearing such exposing outfits.

5. The Fur Dress: Rihanna was seen sporting this beautiful white dress. Th dress was enhanced with see through panels. Rihanna left her bra home for this one too.

6. The Black Outfit: We do not understand what to call this outfit because it's quite absurd to look at. Rihanna definitely don't make any point here. It 's a combination of a bralet, a see-through overthrow and pants. Now, we do not dig this look, but Rihanna seems to enjoy putting this on without a bra. Unfortunately, with no enough opaque fabric around her breasts, the audience got a good view of her nipples.

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