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10 Tricks On How To Avoid Everyday Shoe Problems Instantly #HappyFeet

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How many times you have bought a shoe and have regretted it instantly? Because with new shoes, come new shoe bites. 

How many times you've gotten embarrassed because your shoe was stinking? Shoe bites, feet blisters, shoe odours, heel pain are common when you buy new shoes or sometimes even in old shoes.  These are common day-to-day problems which don't pay heed to.

Mostly because we are too lazy. In case, of new shoes, we think it will eventually get loosen up. In case, bad odours, we just change our shoes. But what if, all this could be solved instantly?

Wouldn't it be great if you had handy tips on how to solve these every day shoe problems? Well, it would be great and that's why in this piece, we offer you 10 easy and awesome tricks to solve common shoe problems like it is no big deal. 


Tea Bags For Shoes Bad odour

Your shoes smell every time you wear them out? It's a common problem for leather shoes. No problem, though. Leave to packets of tea bags in them overnight and your shoes will stop smelling.


Tissues To Soak Sweat

Sweaty feet make shoes sweaty too. The quickest way to absorb sweat in your shoes is to leave dry tissue papers for a while.


Shoes Are Too Tight? Blow Dry!

Did you know to loosen your shoes, you can simply blow dry them? Interesting, isn't it? Wear your socks and shoes and later blow dry them to loosen them up.


Slippery Heels? Use Sandpaper

If your heels or sandals are slippery, then rub sandpaper on the soles. This will help to create friction and will make walking easier.


Use Roll On Deodorants To Avoid Feet Blisters

Are you prone to feet blisters? This usually happens when you buy new shoes. This time, use a roll on deodorants before you put on new sandals.


Tight Heels? Use Ice Bags

If your heels feel too tight, then leave ice bags in them over a few hours. It will loosen them up and make your walk comfortable.


Feet Blisters? Use baby Powder

Another trick to avoid blisters is to sprinkle baby powder in your shoes before you put them on.


Worn Out Shoes? Use Old Denims

If your favourite shoes are withering out, then use your old denimto patch them. See? You don't always have to throw your favourite things away.


Avoid Heel Pain

Your fingers are likely to hurt when you're used to wearing pencil heels. Since the sole structure is not adaptable to our feet analogy. No worries. Wrap your 3rd and 4th finger before you wear any heels to avoid pain and walk with confidence.


Baking Soda To Kill Shoe Odour

Summers are not best friends with shoes. Your shoes start stinking even if you put them on only for a day. Try sprinkling baking soda inside your shoes and leave them for an hour. The odour will go instantly.

Story first published: Friday, July 1, 2016, 14:58 [IST]
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