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Narendra Modi's 69th Birthday: 10 Best Fashion Moments Of Our Very Own Prime Minister


Today is 17 September and it marks a very special day as in 1950, on this day, Narendra Modi was born in a small town of Gujarat called Vadnagar.

No, no, we are not talking about politics here but this fashion sense. Other than being the Prime Minister of our country, Narendra Modi is also a style icon with a very individualistic sense of style. It comes as no surprise that he is also the second most popular leader in the world.

Narendra Modi has always stunned us with his outfits and stood out from the crowd. Our Prime Minister first brought half-sleeved khadi kurtas back in style and then went on to experiment with more western styles for formal international occasions and meets.

The best part about PM Modi's sense of style is that he is fearless when it comes to fashion. Our current Prime Minister has thrown the dull cotton and khadi wearing politician look out of the window. He has worn regional traditional attires as well as super swag hats and sunnies.

Let us take a look at 10 amazing fashion moments from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


The “Named” Power Suit

When Obama visited India, Narendra Modi sported a pin striped suit, but when looked at closely we all realised it spelled out Narendra Damodardas Modi and all of us were floored. The monogrammed suit was later sold for 4.31 Crores and the money was used to clean up the Ganges.


Welcoming The Obamas

This time around Mr. Modi managed to even steal Michelle Obama's thunder with his jacket and kurta combo paired with the most stunning saffron and beige shawl.


The Regional Dress Up

Modi's fashion versatility can be witnessed almost every time he travels. He is open to experimenting and wearing traditional local outfits of various regions and learning more about their culture.


The China Visit Swag

There were a string of trolls and memes to Modi's images from his visit to China's Terracotta Warriors Museum, but there is no denying the fact that he did in style with his black out shades and Kashmiri shawl.


The Hat & Sunnies

People may think that Modi only dresses in Indian attires, but no. Modi has been spotted looking quite dashing in his hat and sunnies on various occassions. This further proves that a truly stylish person knows the value of accessorising.


When 40 Leaders Did It Modi Style

The 3rd Africa Forum Summit was held last year and was attended by 40 leaders from Africa who decided to do it Modi style in kurtas and pyjamas while meeting Modi himself. We cannot think of any other leader who triggered a fashion wave like this.


The Independance Day Turban

Modi is anything but boring when it comes to his sense of style. At the 68th Independance Day Ceremony, Modi wore a saffron and green turban and put his patriotism and fashion on full display.


The Rajni Style

Yes, Modi went the South Indian way and wore a lungi and shirt when he met Rajnikanth. We cannot think of any other politician who would be daring enough sway from the khadi way.


The Royal British Visit

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited recently, Modi showed us that he knows how to be subtle when required. He wore a white kurta and pyjama and paired it up with a bandhgala coat in beige.


Global Citizen Festival Speech

Narendra Modi wore the most striking shade of blue and stole the spotlight from Hugh Jackman while quoting Star Wars at the Global Citizen Festival during his US visit. Modi is hands down the most stylish Prime Minister India has ever seen.


Modi Jackets

Whilst some people even compared Modi jackets to Nehru jackets but the manager of JadeBlue Lifestyle claimed that the Modi jacket is different from Nehru jacket. Modi jacket, the manager said, was a bit longer and has wider colour palette. Well, Modi jackets are quite a rage and have become fashion statement. With Modi jackets, PM Narendra Modi became one of the rarest Prime Ministers to inspire a style statement.