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Kate Middleton In This Sea Green Lace Dress Is Ridiculously Charming! #KateInIndiaDay3

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So it's the Day 3 of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, in India. And boy, she is nailing the fashion, one dress at a time. After giving us a show of four spectacular dresses yesterday, she is back with a few more. 

Everytime we think the Duchess cannot get any better. Boom! She surprises us again. On the Day 3 of their tour, Kate and Prince Williams were set on a luncheon date with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Kate stopped us dead in our tracks turning up at the event in a sea green lace dress. The high-neck dress ends slightly at Duchess' knees with a sleek pleats. The Desdemona dress costs £795 and is by Temperley London.

Kate Middleton In Temperley London

Dutchess finished the look with nude pumps and a boxy clutch. But before we end this, let's not miss Duchess' formal chignon, which has been the talk of many media dailies today. 

Kate Middleton In Temperley London

Needless to say, Kate looked enchanting. 

The luncheon must have gone great. 

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