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7 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship With A Fashionable Twist

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Romantic relationships are a beautiful thing and they are meant to be treasured. Though with time there are ups and downs, sometimes things tend to get a little mundane and regular.

The feeling of sparks flying in the air can always be revived with a little bit of effort and a dash of fashion. Fashion can make everything seem so much better and it can certainly jazz up the regular drill with a stylish twist.

Today, we have a list of 7 simple things you could try to spice things up in your relationship, do take a look.


Sheer Fabrics

This fabric is all the rage on the runways and it should definitely be included in your wardrobe for one of those special days where you want to get your man all excited and still maintain some mystery.


Lacy Lingerie

A little bit of lace just makes everything so much better. Lace lingerie is classy yet oh-so-sexy and it is the easiest lingerie option when it comes to spicing things up.


Revealing Necklines

You can go bold or subtle with this style of dressing. The neckline and collarbones get highlighted when you go subtle with this trend, and even a slight lower neckline can amp up the sexiness.


Racy Nightwear

Dressing down to your jammies is not the only sleepwear option that you have. Dress it up even to bed with the raciest combinations of sheer, lace and satins and still feel super comfy.


Show Off Those Legs

There is nothing wrong with showing some skin, especially when it comes to spicing things up with your special person. Your legs are your safest way of some skin show and what better option than thigh-high dresses that is the biggest trend of the year.


Date Night Reds

The colour of passion will definitely set all the alarms to turn off, and that is exactly why you need one red hot date night dress to keep him hooked and amazed.


High Heels

If you think high heels are a mere addition to your look, then think again because, sometimes, heels are all that you need to make those legs look stunning and your hips sway.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 30, 2016, 18:29 [IST]
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