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This Valentine's Day, Go Full-On Glam With Fresh Colours of The Season!


Why wear the classic colour when you can rock in some pastel for your Valentine's Day. From singers to celebs, red carpets to weddings, pastel is the perfect colour of the season. I know it is Valentine's Day and you want to include some bold and bright colours like red, orange, pink in your closet but it wouldn't be a harm to incorporate some pieces in pastel for your brunch date. After all, it's a fresh colour and brings out the trendy girl in you. So, if you want to know how to include some of these freshly curated pastel colours then keep on reading!

A Pop of Lavender:

First off on our list of colours is the very popular Lavender. It is such a soothing colour that it creates a head-turner moment for anyone who is spotted wearing it. You don't have to wear the whole outfit in lavender colour but you can include a purse, maybe earrings or a blazer, top or even a skirt to get the trendy look going. If you are trying it out for the first time then it is a good way to include it without making it obvious.

Choose the Bold Yellow:

Next up is the very subtle yellow colour. This already feels elite and give you a pop of colour throughout your outfit. This colour speaks freshness to me and is great to wear for a daytime date look. If you want then you can wear a dress that has a yellow colour and accessorize it with a pearl necklace just like how our girl Dua Lipa has styled it.

Go Yolo Go Green:

Green is an understated colour that if worn with the right pair of pants, could do wonders. It is a colour that shows sophistication. You can either style it with accessories that compliments the whole outfit or neutral-toned yellow pants or skirt depending on which solid colour fits you the best, you can easily pair it with. The green colour is a fresh tone that will make your day even brighter. Remember, start with small items and then go up with the outfit. This is how you can rock each and every look like a celebrity.

This Valentine's Day, let your partner do all the talking about how trendy your look is. If you liked any of the colours that I have discussed here then don't wait, just wear it without any worries because it's the colour of the season. Rock it, slay it and don't forget to click a lot of pictures. Before you go forward with that, do tell us which colour was the best one for you and why, we would love to hear back from you guys.

Image Credit: Instagram

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