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5 Outfit Inspiration From The Movie Tashan

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Who wouldn't recall the good old movie, starring Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, and Kareena Kapoor, Tashan? You might not have seen the movie, but you must have definitely heard the term 'zero figure' when the movie hit the theaters. Kareena Kapoor Khan was a chubby kid and prior to Tashan, she came across quite voluptuous. Kareena was known for her curvy body and then one day Tashan happened.

Overnight she became the new style symbol in India. She started the new fad called zero figure where you go skinny and your every day diet includes only an almond. Just kidding. You do follow a diet that makes you skinnier. Anyhow, Kareena got this trend famous with her skinny figure with the movie Tashan.

The song Chaliya Chaliya when Kareena comes out of water in a green bikini was absolutely whistle-worthy. Well, many might have whistled in theaters, too.

So let's stop talking about Kareena's skinny figure, and start imparting some views on her wardrobe in the movie Tashan. Someone was not wrong when they said, "Skinny looks good in everything." Because that's as true as Suniel Shetty's chest hair.

Kareena had a chance to wear a vibrant wardrobe. And she looked drop-dead gorgeous! She looked like a sailor's dream. Not surprised when we hear about girls dieting for a skinny figure. Many of her outfits were inspired by beach theme. Even though the movie was released long back, we think its trend has never gotten out of vogue.

The White Attire: Here, she wears an all white outfit. A white top and white denim shorts. So for the next time at the beach, you know what you have to take with you.

Kareena in white shorts

The Bold Blue: Bebo looks ridiculously hot in this badass outfit with those sexy hair highlights. The blue tank top featuring the intricate designs worn with a leather belt is definitely vindictive. This is more of a beach party outfit. So next time you hit Curlies, Goa, you'll know what to wear.

Kareen in blue denim shorts

The Reckless Road Trip Outfit: Here, Bebo is flaunting her gorgeous thighs and thigh gap. Her white shirt with a front knot and blue denim shorts look severe. Also, let's not forget about the boots. This could be an ideal copy for your next road trip. Just drop the knife, will you?

Kareena In Hot Boots

The Ruthless Shimmer: She loves to party and we know it. Ideal words for the outfit, if someone wants to put words to it. If the silver top is out of your comfort zone, go for the shimmer skirt with a black crop top.

Kareena's party wear

Oh! That's A Gorgeous Outfit: Yes, we definitely mean what we mentioned in the sub-title. This totally captivating outfit is a must-have for your pool parties. The sequin golden shorts is a big thing among party-goers these days. Do not miss!

Kareena's pool party wear

So fellas, we loved the zero figure dress fad and more than that we loved the outfits. What do you think?

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