Star Signature Style: Sneakers Crazy Anushka Sharma

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Anushka Sharma is the friendliest person in the entire Bollywood. While we get to hear about B-town cat fights every now and then; Anushka Sharma on the other hand has never got involved in a verbal brawl. This long-legged diva is known for keeping it low, not garnering much attention for unnecessary disputes.

However, she made headlines when she started an affair with cricketer Virat Kohli, but for that we believe is her personal business and we should on debate on that. Nonetheless, what we can talk about is, her signature style and that's what we do, isn't it? Let's keep the personal drama for the newspapers and talk about what we are best at - fashion.

We have been observing Anushka, and it has come to our attention that she is not much of a high-heel girl. In comprehending sentences, Anushka doesn't fancy wedges, pumps, or stilettos. Her shoe fashion is more inclined to sporty fad. We have noticed that at many public events, she was seen wearing sneakers.

Bowled Over Sneakers - Anushka Sharma

In fact, it's not just any other sneakers, she usually wears these particular pair of white sneakers. The sneakers are an absolute knockout, no doubt. Plus, they can be easily paired with most of wardrobe essentials.

Bowled Over Sneakers - Anushka Sharma

We have spotted Anushka wearing these sassy shoes mostly at airports, which makes sense because airport is place that demands a lot of running and squatting.

Bowled Over Sneakers - Anushka Sharma

So after going through these pictures, Anushka confirms that these sneakers are not just any random selection in her wardrobe, they are her staple fashion element. Our view? She looks gorgeous in them as much as they look gorgeous on her.

Bowled Over Sneakers - Anushka Sharma
Bowled Over Sneakers - Anushka Sharma

So fashion fanatics, what do you think of Anushka's white sneakers?

Wait, the fashion gossip don't end here. Did you know Ranbir Kapoor loves to wear leather jackets? And, are you aware that Shilpa Shetty is an ardent saree-gown fan?
Interesting, isn't it? You can find more of these interesting fashion gossip about your favorite star on our section: Star Signature Style

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