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Sonam Kapoor Shocks Everyone At Neerja Promotions In Her New Red Outfit

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Sonam Kapoor, the fashionista, has done it yet again. Yes. She never misses a chance to stoke us. and these days when most of her outfits are leveling down, guess who just proved us wrong again? 

Sonam was recently spotted promoting her forthcoming movie Neerja and she looked phenomenon. Miss. Kapoor was sporting a deep red outfit by Ferragamo. Sonam might not always be good at what she wears, but it doesn't hurt to say that the girl has some courage.

Who will go totally out of their comfort zone and wear something like this? Can you think of any Bollywood actress? In all honesty, Sonam is Bollywood's Lady Gaga, while Deepika is Bollywood's Rihanna. Don't you agree?

Sonam Kapoor in Ferragamo

Her stark red lipstick and topknot added an extra flavour. She does look like a model straight from the New York runway. But one thing that doesn't make sense is that was this vibrant outfit required for the event? 

Like seriously, when you are promoting a film like Neerja, could you be more subtle Sonam? You definitely get this that this is not a fashion movie. 

We also spotted the reverent Shabana Azmi, keeping it simple in her modest kurti. 

Shabana Azmi pormoting Neerja
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