Trend Alert! Statement Earrings To Try This Season

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Statement jewellery has become all the rage since they're attention grabbing and usually very large. This form of accessorising has become popular due to the fashion standards set by society, that are inspired by runways and older trends. For thousands of years, people have used clothing and accessories to portray who they are. Such items have long symbolized class as well as religious and cultural identities. Consider Jackie O's trademark black sunglasses. Above and beyond keeping the sun out of Jackie's eyes, they symbolized who Jackie was and continues to do the same. People use accessories, mainly jewellry, to make statements about who they are and what they value.

This fall/winter, statement jewellery is back with a bang. Wearing statement jewellry allows women to define their own style and stand out as individuals. By keeping in mind these types of statement earrings, women can choose adornments that will convey the right message to those with whom they interact. Women can find unique pieces that will add a personal flair to what they wear. Buckle up, this is going to be a fun ride!

1. All Gold:

Jewellery To Try This Season

All gold statement earrings are for anyone who likes to show off some bling, but with elegance. Gold accessories add an air of wealth to one's appearance, so these earrings are great for grand occasions.

2. All Silver:

Jewellery To Try This Season

Silver jewellery is probably the most versatile kind ever. All silver statement earrings match almost any dress or top and make the wearer look cool and casual.

3. Mixed Metals:

Jewellery To Try This Season

This is a trend that's very hot right now. Mixing gold, silver, copper and brass is a combo we never thought would work but it's very fashion forward. Wear these babies anywhere for a classy look.

4. Crystal/Stones:

Jewellery To Try This Season

Any jewellery with crystals and stones mean that you're a diva who knows fashion more than anything else. These statement earrings are your best friend if you plan on going out, especially at night.

6. Bridal:

Jewellery To Try This Season

Getting hitched? Ditch the old school matched jewellery sets and choose statement earrings and stand out in the crowd!

7. Black:

Jewellery To Try This Season

These earrings are a great way to wear black all through the year! Find your best outfits and pair them up with all black jewellery to send a strong message about the fashionista you are!

Story first published: Friday, November 20, 2015, 21:20 [IST]
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