Toned-Down Avatar Of Ranveer Singh Promoting Bajirao Mastani

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After giving us all a dramatic visual of Bajirao's wardrobe, Ranveer Singh has finally switched back to his good old blazer-suit attire. Last week, whenever we saw Ranveer, he was either twirling his mustache in a skirt or flaunting his kohl eyes in a long kurta. 

We get it. Ranveer was just trying to do his part and that is promoting the film in whichever better way he finds. While can't blame the kid when Aamir can go bald for a movie.

So finally, we have a decent modern-age Ranveer Singh in crisp tight blue and white blazer suit. He still has not dropped his mustache fetish. He was spotted at the film city promoting Bajirao Mastani. Let's give you guys a visual:

Ranveer Singh Promoting Bajirao Mastani

So what do you think of Ranveer's formal look? Or, do you prefer the Maratha warrior wardrobe? 

Before you take a call, a look through Ranveer's past wardrobe during the promotions of Bajirao Mastani.

Ranveer Singh Donning A Marshal's Attire

Ranveer's Bajirao Mastani Wardrobe

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