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9 Outfits From The Movie Mohenjo Daro You Will Love To Show Off

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Mohenjo Daro, the much-awaited film, is slated to hit theaters on August 12. The film is set in the Indus Valley civilisation. The era even before the start of Buddhism. Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde are the leads in this film.

Hrithik makes a comeback. The film has already garnered a lot of attention due its ancient backdrop setup.
The producers have released the trailer and the songs of the movie which gave us a bit insight to what Mohenjo Daro fashion would be like.

The costumes of the film are designed by the award-winning designer Neeta Lulla. Neeta is also a regular at Lakme Fashion Week & ICW.

"It's very difficult to style for period films as one needs to work under certain parameters of research. One needs to create a believable look," the designer quoted to a national daily.

Mohenjo Daro is one of the oldest civilisations in the world and that's why the costumes cannot be fancy. Fabrics like silk and brocade weren't even available. The designer has tried hard to put together a great selection of outfits.
You'll see some splendid outfits.

While Hrithik is seen sporting earthly tones, the leading lady of the film is sporting vibrant colours and magnificent headgears.
We have put together some outfits for you to have a peek...


The Dramatic Cotton & Bling Outfits

Pooja Hegde is a dance in the movie. She was seen wearing this splendid headgear and a shimmery bralet paired with, what appears to be, a maxi jacket and a skirt. Quite interesting, isn't it?


The White Dress

Pooja as Channi in a white maxi chiffon gown. She is also sporting a beautiful feathered headgear.


Hrithik In Rags

Hrithik is sporting a brown vest and white harem pants. Hrithik's character seems to belong to a low class.



Neeta Lulla provides us beautiful headgears in the movie. Here, Pooja is sporting a beautiful white headgear embellished with soft white feathers.


The Queenly Look

If we knew Mohenjodaro's kings and queens, they would look like this, in Neeta Lulla's imagination. We are falling in love with Pooja's dramatic headgears.


Hrithik In Rags, Again

Hrithik is sporting a handmade pendant and a blue vest.


The Choga Look

Pooja is sporting a bright red maxi jacket and flowy pants.


The Regal Attire

Do you remember the American Indians tribe? Well, Pooja reminds us of them over here. The royal blues, feathers and chunky jewellery, all put together in a headgear.


The Head Chain

Pooja is sporting a silver oxidised head chain. We love the dramatic effect it brings to the outfit.

Sit back and enjoy the great wardrobe that Mohenjo Daro has to offer.

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