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#SareeSwag: 6 Saree Hacks To Make You Look Taller

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One of the most significant fashion inheritance from our ancestors, the saree has come a long way, but the basic nine-yard-long elegance still remains the same. Sarees are worn by women of all sizes and shapes across the South Asian parts of the continent.

The beauty about a saree is in its fluidity as well as structure and how it can be draped beautifully on a woman's body. The notion of sarees looking good on only slim and tall women is a complete misconception.

A saree can look great on any body type and shape. Shorter girls sometimes avoid sarees, but women of short stature can also look stunning and beautiful in a well-draped saree, by keeping a few tips in mind.

So, today, we have a list of all the saree hacks every short girl should know of, before she intends to pick one up.


Thin Borders

Thick or broader borders can make the frame of the saree bigger, thereby making the person who wears it appear more broad and stumpier. Sleeker and thinner borders drape better around smaller girls and make them look taller.


Smaller Prints

Big patterns and prints are a big no-no when it comes to sarees on shorter girls. Smaller prints distract attention from the sizes and just look so dainty on shorter girls.


Vertical Stripes

Since stripes are all the rage and a lot of designers have been incorporating them into their sarees, there is no harm in striping it out. But, as always, make sure it's vertical, as vertical stripes give the illusion of a more elongated shape, making you look taller.



It's best suitable to wear lighter blouses with lesser embellishments and work on them. If you opt for a more simpler saree, then a slightly more peppier and embellished blouse will do; but always, make sure it's a blouse that fits well and is not too boxy.


The Length

Always make sure that the petticoat is at the ankle length and not any higher. The saree should fall below the ankle. When the legs or ankles are visible, it draws attention to that and makes the person look shorter.



Heels all the way, there's something about a good pair of heels that does the magic like no other. It's a wonderful invention for all the cute and short ladies out there!

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 18:24 [IST]
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