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Get The Look: Parineeti Chopra's Bohemian Princess Look Under 4000!

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How we so adore all these celebrity looks styled and curated and followed by millions. Would it not be lovely to sport some of those looks and be all glamorous? Yes, it surely would. And that's exactly why we bring to you a curated look that you can get under Rs. 4000.

From a talented newbie to a budding fashionista, Parineeti has come a long way and she wears some of the best outfits lately.Parineeti was spotted some time ago in a fun summer look at H&M store launch and looked as fresh as a summer breeze.

Pari had the entire music festival and summer beach party vibe to her look, and this look could be all yours under Rs. 4000.

Denim Cut-offs: The must-have summer clothing that you could pair-up with anything and everything this season.

get parineeti's look

Buy cut-offs here at 1195/-

Long Print Jacket: A fun and flirty printed throw over that gives the look that princessy vibe.

get parineeti's look

Buy the throw over here at 1425/-

Tank Top: A nice solid pop of colour underneath all that going on. This has got to be the one you should have in your wardrobe.

get parineeti's look

Buy tank top here at 499/-

The Chocker: Yes! Get it right away because it is making a huge come-back this season and looks quite stylish as well.

get parineeti's look

Buy Chocker here at 159/-

Layered Neck Piece: Because one is not enough and more is less when it comes to the Bohemian jewellery look.

get parineeti's look

Buy neck piece here at 499/-

Hurry up, and buy it now for that perfect bohemian summer look!

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