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Ajeeb Daastaans Promotions: Fatima Sana Shaikh’s INR 22,990 Maxi Dress Is Worth It; Here’s Why!


It is very usual to feel why a particular dress is priced so high! And then we also wonder that just because it is a high-end brand, so they are charging a good price for this outfit, which we could have easily bought from a flea market for peanuts. It happens! Or you have a friend telling you, "hey don't spend so much money on this (attire)." While sometimes that attire is literally not worth the high price quoted, the other times it is vice versa. When today, Fatima Sana Shaikh posted her pictures in a gorgeous blue dress, we felt it would be around INR 8000 dress at the most but on seeing the dress priced at INR 22,990, it surprised us. However, Jodi - the label that crafted this dress explained about how this product is made in the description box, and reading it made us realise that okay the dress is worth the price.

The description read that 6.5 meters of mulberry silk was sourced from West Bengal for this piece. So, mulberry silk is the finest quality of silk, made from long fibers, and it is natural. This type of silk contains a natural protein Sericin [1], which diminishes the possibility of allergic reaction - so this fabric is considered ideal for those who have allergies. According to the description, the dress was hand-blocked printed in Jaipur and hand-embroidered in the brand's Pune workshop. Hand embroidery is an intricate and time-consuming process but so is hand-block work. Famous in Rajasthan, a hand-block print is a manual style of printing, which is facing a tough competition because of screen printing. But coming back to the art of hand-blocks, the prints are transferred on to the wooden blocks via strip of metal placed on the wooden blocks. The artisan then stamps those impressions on the outfits and more the number of coloured prints, more the wooden blocks.

So, Fatima Sana Shaikh's maxi dress highlighted by blue-hued flora and fauna, was not just about rich fabric but also about the intricacies and fine detailing. The dress had a plunging neckline with ruffled sleeves enhanced by light embroidered details. Even the birds on her dress were partly hand-embroidered. The dress also had such a fine cut on the waist - a subtle element that can make or break a dress. The particular dress was Shalimar Silk Dress and the actress looked pretty in her attire. Styled by Akshita Singh, Fatima wore a precious ring from Talisman. She also sported dainty earrings to up her look. The glossy nude eye shadow and pink lip shade spruced up her summery look. Also, the ponytail suited her and went well with this dress look.

Now, whether we can afford it or not, Fatima Sana Shaikh's dress was a beautiful example of fine craftsmanship. She wore this dress for the latest promotional round of Ajeeb Daastaans - the anthology that is trending on Netflix. So, what do you think about this dress of hers? Let us know that.

Picture Source: Instagram